How many miles can a VW Golf TDI last?

The TDI engine may last up to 500k miles but everything around it won’t. And if you depend on VW dealerships to perform the repairs, plus the added premium of diesel fuel over high octane gas, the long term cost savings will erode. For example, the Turbocharger is good for 100 to 150k miles.

Is a 2008 VW Golf a good car?

The car feels nice and tight, with no squeaks or rattles and delivers crisp driving dynamics. Fuel economy for the petrol model ranged between 8.2 and 9.1 litres/100km over two stints behind the wheel, while the diesel returned 8.7 litres/100km after a long very hard drive.

Are VW diesel engines reliable?

While Volkswagen has produced many very good diesel engines over the years, the “ALH” engine used between 1998 and 2006 is regarded as one of the best. These engines not only became known for their outstanding reliability, but also for the amazing fuel economy that they could achieve.

Is a VW Golf a good first car?

If you’ve got a teenager who needs a first car, or you are a teenager and you’re looking for a great set of first wheels, the Volkswagen Golf is your best option. Spacious, well-designed, and efficient, the Golf offers all the benefits of the Volkswagen brand at an affordable price.

Are there any problems with the Volkswagen Golf?

Check out our Volkswagen Golf overview to see the most problematic years, worst problems and most recently reported complaints with the Golf. We’re actively collecting data on the worst problems for the Volkswagen Golf. Please add any complaints you have so we have more helpful data to show!

Why do I want a Volkswagen Golf TDI?

First and foremost, I demand a certain reliability out of my vehicle. Next, it must appeal to the efficient and basically cheap side of me. And it must be F U N to drive. I actually sat down and made a spreadsheet of my vehicle options—both new and used cars. I started by narrowing my choices. There are literally hundreds of cars available.

What causes loss of power in Volkswagen TDI?

Resolving Loss-of-Power Issues in the Volkswagen TDI. Volkswagen diesel cars such as the TDI can experience a loss of power. This could be temporary or more permanent, depending on the cause. Two possible causes are computer-imposed “limp mode,” and the MAF sensor, which is just a small distance from the air cleaner.

What is the life expectancy of a VW Golf TDI?

The main reason I purchased the VW Golf TDI is that with the diesel engine, life expectancy is 50-80% longer. A well-maintained diesel engine can easily go 400-500,000 miles.