How many calories are in a 40g bowl of porridge?

40g = 258 cals!)*

How many calories are there in 40g of oats?

Jumbo Oats

Nutritional Claims Per 100g Per 40g
kcal 374lcal 150kcal
Fat 8g 3.2g
of which Saturates 1.5g 0.6g
Carbohydrate 60g 24g

How many calories are in porridge oats?


Nutritional Information Per 27g % of RI*
Calories 760kJ/180kcal 9%
Fat 5.0g 7%
Saturates 2.3g 12%
Sugars 8.4g 9%

How much is 45 grams of porridge?

Rolled oats equivalent measurements
Cups Grams Ounces
½ cup of r/oats 45 gram 1.6 ounce
⅝ cup of r/oats 56.25 gram 1.98 ounce
⅔ cup of r/oats 60 gram 2.12 ounce

How much fibre is in 40g of porridge oats?

Table of Nutritional Information

Per 100g per 40g serving
Carbohydrate 60.5g 24.2g
Sugars 1.1g <0.5g
Starch 59.4g 23.8g
Fibre 8.3g 3.3g

Are eggs or porridge better for breakfast?

Eggs are a rich source of protein and have minimal carbs. According to USDA, a breakfast with 2 medium eggs will yield approximately 13g Protein and 1.1g Carbs whereas a bowl of oatmeal will give you 2.4 g Protein and 12g Carbs. So if Protein is your priority for breakfast then the clear choice is Eggs.

How much Fibre is in 40g of porridge oats?

Is it OK to eat porridge every day?

It can control your blood sugar levels. “It helps to slow down the speed at which the carbohydrates in your diet reach your bloodstream, making your blood sugar levels more even during the day. Oatmeal really is a superfood, and one that definitely can be eaten every day!”

How many grams of oats should I eat for breakfast?

According to USDA, the recommended grains should be 6 ounces per day. If you eat 2000 calories per day, then 50 grams of oats is just over 3 ounces of the allotted amount of grains per day. Oatmeal is fiber rich, which will keep you full for a long time.

Does porridge cause weight gain?

01/7How oatmeal can be harmful If you do not take a few things into consideration, even oatmeal can lead to weight gain. It can instantly turn from a slimming breakfast to a blood sugar-spiking food that can be harmful to your waistline.

Is Weetabix healthier than porridge?

Porridge and Weetabix contain up to 10 times more fibre and just a fraction of the salt and sugar in other best-sellers. Kelloggs Special K meanwhile is marketed as a healthy breakfast cereal but has 17 times as much sugar as porridge, with half the fibre.

Is eating porridge good for losing weight?

The meal plans are low-calorie and low-fat and include healthy food choices. Oatmeal itself can help you lose weight because it will help you feel full longer than other foods. The fiber content of oatmeal can also aid the digestive system.

How many calories are in 1 serving of Porridge Oats?

Nutrition Facts. For a Serving Size of 1 serving ( 30 g) How many calories are in Porridge Oats? Amount of calories in Porridge Oats: Calories 113. Calories from Fat 18.9 ( 16.7 %) % Daily Value *.

How many points in a cup of porridge?

I’ve been making porridge (oats and water) with a 1/2 cup measure believing it to be 30 grams and therefore 1.5 points. I’m now completely confused and hope I’ve not grossly underestimated!!

How many calories are in 40 grams of oats?

Nutrition summary: There are 156 calories in 40 grams of Oats. Calorie breakdown: 16% fat, 67% carbs, 17% protein.