How fast does a Honda VFR 800 go?

Top speed & performance
Max torque 61 ft-lb
Top speed 155 mph
1/4 mile acceleration 11.3 secs
Tank range 145 miles

Is a VFR 800 a good first bike?

The VFR is a heavy bike in comparrison to a 500. Have fun on a lighter bike and get some valuable experience first, even if it’s only for 12 months. The clutch is not a problem, it’s the power delivery at low rev’s that can catch you out. Apart from that the VFR is an awsome machine capable of some seriouse fun.

Is the Honda VFR a good bike?

The Honda VFR800 is an upgrade on the former VFR750 and is a fantastic all-rounder bike which receives plenty of praise from the biking community. The V-four engine gives a smooth power delivery, even in low gear and although it isn’t as powerful as a dedicated sports bike, for an all-rounder it is pretty impressive.

What type of bike is a Honda VFR?

Sport touring motorcycle
Honda VFR800

Manufacturer Honda
Predecessor VFR750F
Class Sport touring motorcycle
Engine 782 cc (47.7 cu in) liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC V4
Bore / stroke 72 mm × 48 mm (2.8 in × 1.9 in)

What is the best Honda VFR?

Overall rating For many, bike journalists included, the Honda VFR 750 is the best road bike ever built. In 1994 Honda revised an already exceptional motorcycle, giving it super-model looks while still retaining those quintessential VFR qualities of legendary reliability, consistent performance and supreme comfort.

Does Honda still make the VFR?

The VFR800 was phased out after the 2009 model year in the United States, when Honda introduced the larger VFR1200F; but the VFR1200 was not a direct replacement for the VFR800; the true successor is the 2014 VFR800F (RC79). The RC46 model of VFR800 continues to be sold in certain international markets.

How heavy is the Honda VFR 800?


Model year 5th gen (1998-2001) 8th gen (2014-)
Wheelbase 1,440 mm (57 in) 1,460 mm (57 in)
Seat height 805 mm (31.7 in) 789–809 mm (31.1–31.9 in)
Wet weight 499 lb (226 kg) 242 kg (534 lbs)

Why did Honda stop making vfr1200?

The VFR1200F was discontinued in 2017, as it no longer complied to new emission standards and noise regulations. This bike was not a commercial success. It was considered to be too large and heavy to be a sports bike and has a too limited range to be a touring bike, so it really fell between two stools.