How far is Apex from Penticton?

34 km
Yes, the driving distance between Penticton to Apex Mountain Resort is 34 km. It takes approximately 42 min to drive from Penticton to Apex Mountain Resort.

How much are Apex tickets?

Lift Ticket Rates

Age 1 Day
Adult 19-64 $97
Teen 13-18 $80
Junior 8-12 $60
Senior 65-69 $80

Who owns Apex Mountain Resort?

While the ownership is new, many of the original faces remain to greet guests to the mountain. James Shalman remains the General Manager for his 11th year and is supported by a dedicated team of ski and resort professionals….Current Conditions At Apex.

Time 8:00 am
New Snow (in the past 7 days) 0 CM

How many runs does Apex have?

The resort also offers four terrain parks and a tube park….

Apex Mountain Resort
Runs 79
Longest run 5 km (3 mi)
Lift system 4 total (1 Conveyor, 1 T-bar, 1 Triple chairlift, 1 High-Speed Quad)
Terrain parks 4

What is Apex Canada?

The Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada (APEX) is an independent not-for-profit corporation that proudly represents the interests of all federal public service executives across Canada.

What does Apex Mountain mean?

When there’s no mountain left to climb and nothing but blue sky above, you know you’ve reached the highest peak — the apex. Apex can mean the highest point in a literal sense, like climbing to the apex of the Eiffel Tower for a fabulous view of Paris.

Can you visit UFC apex?

UFC FIGHT NIGHT AT THE UFC APEX TICKET EXPERIENCES NOW AVAILABLE. A limited number of fans are now able to watch UFC Fight Night live from UFC APEX! On Location guests will enter the APEX via red carpet, just like the fighters and take a short walk down a private hallway to all-inclusive hospitality and premium seating …

What is an apex fare?

APEX is an acronym used in the travel industry to describe a type of airline fare that is discounted due to certain usage restrictions. APEX stands for advance purchase excursion fare. These fares tend to be heavily discounted due to the numerous restrictions involved and are generally non-refundable.

What is the elevation of Penticton?


What is there to do in Apex in summer?

Skiing, snowboarding, and tubing with the family or playing hockey with some friends are all vital parts of the scene at Apex. The summers are coming alive at Apex as well with great alpine hiking or biking, or booking a stay and spending time away from the rest of the world.

Is Apex Mountain good?

The Apex ski area is mostly below the treeline, and even though it’s well renowned for the steep terrain, it has a reasonable spread of terrain for different ability levels. Or for backcountry, Apex Mountain proper is an easy hike away, where you’ll find some super steep and avalanche prone chutes.

How do I track my apex?

Before you can view your stats on our site, you’ll first have to unlock them. To do so, click on the legend you want and cycle over to the “banner” tab (next to skins). You’ll then see all of the statistics that Apex Legends tracks.