How does a motorized fire damper work?

Motorized Fire Damper prevents the passage of flame from one side of a fire rated separation to the other and will be functioning with the help of actuators with either an electric or pneumatic actuator. They are controlled by heat detector signal, fire alarm or some other building control system.

Are fire dampers a legal requirement?

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order it is a legal requirement to test fire dampers at regular intervals in accordance with fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings code of practice (BS:9999 2017), using a method known as ‘drop testing’.

Where do you put a motorized fire damper?

Fire dampers are installed in fire rated walls/barriers/partitions (sleeve required) where the HVAC ductwork penetrates ensuring that their integrity is maintained.

What’s the difference between a fire damper and smoke damper?

A fire damper closes once the duct temperature reaches a high enough level to melt a fusible link. A smoke damper closes upon the detection of smoke. It is UL leakage-rated to stop smoke in its tracks, which is a main difference from fire dampers.

When would a fire damper be used?

Fire Dampers are used in air transfer openings, ducts and other places where fire rated structures (e.g. walls, floors or other fire barriers) are penetrated.

When should fire dampers be used?

How often should fire dampers be replaced?

‘All fire dampers should be tested by a competent person at regular intervals not exceeding one year, and to be repaired or replaced immediately if found to be faulty.

What is a fire damper actuator?

Belimo safety actuators for fire dampers automatically move to their safety position in case of fire and keep dampers closed during the fire. They offer the best protection against the spread of fire and smoke through ducts.

What is a Motorised smoke fire damper?

MSFD(Motorized smoke fire damper) is a damper which has an actuator to provide action upon control signal from the main fire control is used at all the outlet of smoke exhaust or fresh air mock up and works as close damper.

Do smoke dampers need to be on emergency power?

Either emergency power should be provided or smoke dampers should be arranged for fail-safe closure upon failure of power to the actuator. Both the IBC and NFPA require that adequate access be provided to allow inspection and that maintenance of the smoke damper be provided.

What is a fire and smoke damper?

A fire damper is installed within the duct where the duct intersects the barrier. They operate using a heat sensitive device that, when activated, melts and causes the damper components to close. A smoke damper can also be installed within the duct, and is activated by a signal from a smoke detector within the damper.

Why are fire dampers required?

The fire damper secures the integrity of the existing barrier thus preventing fire penetration before temperatures reach the fire rating level of the barrier itself. Its primary function is to prevent the passage of fire from one side to the other of a fire-rated separation.

Why do you need a motorized fire damper?

It prevents the spread of fire or smoke inside residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Motorized Fire Damper prevents the passage of flame from one side of a fire rated separation to the other and will be functioning with the help of actuators with either an electric or pneumatic actuator.

What kind of fire dampers do HVC use?

NCA Series 700 motorised leakage rated fire dampers (fire smoke dampers) and NCA Series 100 curtain fire dampers, both CE marked against EN 15650 are available now from HVC Supplies.

What is the NFPA 90A motorized fire damper?

The location and installation procedure of fire dampers should be in accordance with the widely accepted and recommended standard, NFPA 90A – Standard for the installation of Air-Conditioning. Airmaster Motorized fire damper is developed with the intention of maximizing occupant’s safety.

Why do you need a Kad fire damper?

For remote monitoring the damper and regular testing of the damper function should be connected to a central control. The motorized fire dampers can form part of a “Fire strategy” and use to ventilate pressurized escape routes. Why to choose KAD Air Conditioning?