How do you use Flipgrid in Spanish?

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How do I change the language on Flipgrid?

Change the language or disable closed captionsVisit your educator account at a new Topic or edit a Topic by selecting the pencil icon.Within the Topic Essentials, change the language or disable the captions.Create or update the Topic to save the changes.

How do I use Flipgrid in Google Classroom?

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Can you add Flipgrid to Google classroom?

Using Flipgrid in the classroom is easy! Whether you are using Flipgrid in Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams, adding Flipgrid to your teaching and learning repertoire is one of the finest ways to incorporate technology into your classroom.

How do I share my Flipgrid with students?

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How do I share my Flipgrid?

Access your educator account at to visit your main Discussions page. Select a Topic by clicking on its name. Scroll down to see a list of videos. If on a computer you can select the Share button.

Can you use Flipgrid without the app?

On mobile devices, students will need to download the free Flipgrid apps. Educators will continue to use the mobile browsers for accessing their account and managing their Grids. Flipgrid’s iOS app requires iOS 10.0 or later. Flipgrid’s Android app requires Android 5.0 and up.

Do students need an account to use Flipgrid?

With Flipgrid, students do not create accounts. Educators create their Groups or Topics and then share the Flipgrid URL (e.g., On the mobile app, enter the random numbers and letters you see at the end of the URL.

How can I see who viewed my Flipgrid?

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Can you use Flipgrid on a phone?

With the free Flipgrid app on iOS and Android devices, students can record anywhere, anytime! The app is required because mobile browsers not support recording videos.

What devices can access Flipgrid?

Flipgrid supports any browser on PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks.

How do I join a Flipgrid class?

If you were given a Join Code, go to your web browser and enter You’ll see an area to enter a Join Code. Type the Join Code and press enter on your keyboard. On a mobile app, enter the code.

Does Flipgrid work on iPhone?

Flipgrid, Inc. Requires iOS 12.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Does Flipgrid work with Safari?

We also provide a free Flipgrid app for iOS and Android devices. If you must use Safari, here are the recommended steps to make sure it performs best with Flipgrid: Safari requires flash since they don’t have the latest recording technology. Force quit the browser and try again (hold Command + Q on Mac).

What does Flipgrid cost?

Unlimited Topics. Unlimited Grids. With Flipgrid 4.0 we’ve made our simple educator pricing even better. For $65 a year, teachers can now create as many grids and topics as they’d like, share with whoever they want, and collect an unlimited number of responses.