How do you sign weekend in ASL?

To sign “weekend” you use a combination of the signs “week” and “end.” There are a couple of “right ways” to sign it. Some folks use both hands in “flat” handshapes. Some folks initialize it.

How do you sign all day in ASL?

To sign “all-day,” start the flat-handed version of DAY with your dominant “flat hand” further to the right (if you are right handed) prior to moving it.

What is the ASL sign for Week?

The basic sign for “week” is made by forming your dominant hand into an index-finger handshape and moving your hand forward over the palm of your non-dominant hand.

How do you say the days of the week in ASL?

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How do you sign Sunday?

Hold your hands up, palms forward, “5 handshapes” in front of and to the sides of your head. Bring them down to your torso area. The movement from top to bottom forms a backwards arc.