How do you remove the center console on a 2005 Ford Explorer?


  1. Remove 8mm fastener from each side of console.
  2. Release “Christmas Tree” fasteners from each side and pry outward.
  3. Release 7mm bolt from under rubber insert in console.
  4. Use plastic trim stick and pry away cup holder assembly.
  5. Disconnect cigarette lighter electrical connection.

How do you remove the center console on a 2001 Ford Explorer?

To help a stubborn one get out, look real close at the bottom edge of the console. Toward the rear is a small raised edge area with a cut out. You can get a screwdriver up in there and press upwards on the release tabs, and then push the console back toward rear of the truck.

How do you remove the center console from a 1998 Ford Explorer?

Pull the console straight back, while you are sitting in the back seat. This will take quite a bit of force, because there are two metal “fingers” holding the center console in place, but pulling it through the rear is the only way to remove the console.

How do you remove the center console on a 2003 Ford Ranger?

Ford Ranger Console Removal & Installation

  1. Open the center console lid.
  2. Inspect the front part of the console, beneath the radio.
  3. Inspect the center part of the console.
  4. Pull the console upward to unhook it from the floorboard.
  5. Move the replacement console into the cabin.
  6. Hold the console firmly in place with hand.

How do I remove the center console from my Jeep Compass?

How to Remove a Jeep Center Console

  1. Pop the hood on your Jeep and loosen the negative battery cable.
  2. Open the storage container in the center console and remove all the contents.
  3. Loosen the plastic screws at the front of the console with a screwdriver.

How do you remove the center console from a Ford Ranger?

How do you remove the center console from a 1996 Ford Explorer?

On the bottom of the storage bin, you’ll find two Phillips-head screws. Remove these to detach the console. Slide the front seat up, and then open the rear door. Lift and drag the console out by pulling it between the back of the front seat and the rear-seat cushion.

How do you remove the center console in Ranger?

How do you remove the armrest on a Ford Ranger?

Expect the process of installing a new armrest to take about 20 minutes.

  1. Grasp the adjustment bar underneath the front driver side seat. Push the seat all the way forward.
  2. Push the armrest into the “up” position.
  3. Unzip the armrest’s fabric.
  4. Lift the armrest up to remove it from the mount.