How do you measure SLD?

Criteria for Determining SLD

  1. a visual, hearing, or motor disability;
  2. intellectual disabilities;
  3. emotional disturbance;
  4. cultural factors;
  5. environmental or economic disadvantage; or.
  6. limited English proficiency.

What do u mean by SLD?

Specific learning disability(SLD)

What are examples of SLD?

signs of specific learning disabilities

  • Persistent difficulties in reading, writing, arithmetic, or mathematical reasoning5
  • Inaccurate or slow and effortful reading or writing5
  • Poor written expression that lacks clarity5
  • Difficulties remembering number facts5
  • Inaccurate mathematical reasoning5

What is learning disability testing?

What is a learning disability assessment for adults? An LD assessment is a gathering of relevant information about an individual’s areas of strengths and challenges to determine whether or not he or she may have a learning disability.

What causes SLD?

Other possible causes of SLDs include pre-natal and birth problems such as illness, drug and alcohol use during pregnancy, low birth weight, oxygen deprivation and premature or prolonged labor (Cortiella, 2009).

What is included in basic reading skills?

Basic reading skill include phonemic awareness, sight word recognition, phonics, and word analysis. Essential skills include identification of individual sounds and the ability to manipulate them; identification of printed letters and sounds associated with letters; and decoding of written language.

Is it a learning disability or laziness?

Learning disabilities or learning disorders are umbrella terms for a wide variety of learning problems. A learning disability is not a problem with intelligence or motivation and kids with learning disabilities aren’t lazy or dumb. In fact, most are just as smart as everyone else.

Is autism a SLD?

And kids who have autism are often eligible for special education services. Special education law covers 13 types of disabilities , including a category known as specific learning disability (SLD). Autism is another category. Kids who have an SLD have challenges in certain academic skills.


Although ADHD is not considered a learning disability, research indicates that from 30-50 percent of children with ADHD also have a specific learning disability, and that the two conditions can interact to make learning extremely challenging.

What are the 6 basic reading skills?

Here are six essential skills needed for reading comprehension , and tips on what can help kids improve this skill.

  • Decoding. Decoding is a vital step in the reading process.
  • Fluency.
  • Vocabulary.
  • Sentence construction and cohesion.
  • Reasoning and background knowledge.
  • Working memory and attention.

What should be included in a SLD evaluation?

In a processing deficit approach, a comprehensive SLD evaluation would include measurement of specific psychological processes that interfere with a student’s ability to perform academically (Flanagan et al., 2006; Kavale et al., 2005).

How are cognitive assessments used to diagnose SLD?

In a similar fashion, the commissioner’s rules concerning special education in Texas (2008) permits examining a pattern of strengths and weaknesses and examining specific areas of cognitive processing and linking them to areas of achievement as a method of SLD identification.

What do you mean by processing speed in SLD?

Processing Speed: Refers to the ability to fluently and automatically perform cognitive tasks (mental quickness). (Cognitive Processes adapted from Flanagan, Ortiz, Alfonzo, & Mascolo, 2006, p. 25-30; Interventions/Strategies adapted from Mather and Jaffe, 2002)

How is SLD determined in special education in Indiana?

Indiana’s Special Education rules (2008) described SLD as neurological in origin and allow intellectual development that is determined by the group to be relevant to the identification of a specific learning disability to be used as evidence to support SLD determination.