How do you join Minetest server?

If you have obtained address and the port number of a server, you just have to enter those values into the respective fields in the “Join Game” tab in the main menu and click on “connect”, or press Enter . In case you used the in-game server list, Minetest automatically enters those values for you.

How do you make a public server on Minetest?


  1. Open command prompt by going in the Minetest installation folder, then in the “bin” folder, hold Shift, do a right click on a empty file (not on minetest.exe), click “Open command window here”.
  2. Type this: minetest.exe –server .
  3. If your server crashes, then look at the debug.txt in /Minetest/bin/

Is Minetest open source?

Minetest is a free and open-source sandbox video game developed by a team of volunteers, with significant contributions from the community. Minetest is programmed in C++ using the Irrlicht Engine, and is available for Linux-based systems, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and Android.

Is Minetest as good as Minecraft?

Minetest Game is more meant as a “modding base”. In fact, Minetest Game has way fewer features than Minecraft, and is not even remotely as feature-rich. If you expect a faithful Minecraft clone, you will be very disappointed. If you’re looking for a more faithful Minecraft clone, try MineClone 2.

How do you make a Minetest source?

Compile Minetest

  1. Start up the CMake GUI.
  2. Select Browse Source…
  3. Select Browse Build…
  4. Select Configure.
  5. Choose the right visual Studio version and target platform.
  6. Choose Specify toolchain file for cross-compiling.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Select the vcpkg toolchain file e.g. D:/vcpkg/scripts/buildsystems/vcpkg.cmake.

Are there mobs in Minetest?

Many games have at least some mobs. A notable exception is Minetest Game which doesn’t have any mobs (as of 0.4. There are mods which add mobs as well.