How do you get rid of the virus in the Brotherhood of Steel?

The computer virus infected a few computers in the bunker, and the Courier is asked by Ibsen to ‘partition’ the virus for Ibsen. The Courier must find the virus on 3 terminals in 60 seconds to wipe it from the system.

How do I get rid of elder McNamara?

There is a way to oust McNamara and have a peaceful outcome: after talking to Hardin and beginning the process of overthrowing McNamara, simply don’t go back to the bunker until after speaking to Moore about the Brotherhood. Hardin doesn’t “officially” become elder until the Courier returns to the bunker.

Where is Veronica fallout NV?

the 188 Trading Post
Journeyman Scribe Veronica Renata Santangelo (born 2254) is a Brotherhood of Steel Scribe found at the 188 Trading Post in Fallout: New Vegas.

How do I get idolized by BOS?

You have to do all of the quests before your final decision with the elder. Fix the computers, find the missing laser pistol, do everything you can. Then talk to veronica, do her quest and you should be idolized.

What did the Creeper virus do?

The Creeper virus works by infecting one computer, causing it to print a file. It will then stop working while looking for another TENEX system. It establishes a connection with that computer and so on. After it’s done with a system, its final payload or effect is to display its message.

Can the Brotherhood of Steel join the NCR?

Positive reputation with the Brotherhood If Still in the Dark has been completed, and McNamara remains Elder, a truce can be signed between the Brotherhood and the NCR. Go to McNamara and tell him the NCR wants them destroyed, he will then offer a truce.

How do I get Veronica to leave the brotherhood?

If Veronica will not follow the player character anymore, they will have to go back to before the part of the mission where she speaks to the elder after they retrieve the notes, and directly tell her they want her to leave (do not suggest for her to stay, and do not allow her to choose for herself).

Where is the missing laser pistol?

Scorpion gulch
Scorpion gulch is just southeast through a broken fencing line from the bunker. After going through the gulch, the missing laser pistol will be on top of a rock, in the middle of the lowest part of the gulch. The gulch will usually have various scorpions roaming around the area.

How do you keep Veronica as a companion?

It is also possible for her to stay as a companion should the Courier complete all Brotherhood of Steel faction quests in their favor, make her leave the Brotherhood, and destroy them without killing any members.

Is creeper a virus?

A short definition of Creeper Virus The Creeper virus is the first computer virus ever developed. Bob Thomas created it in 1971 as an experimental self-duplication program. It messed up connected teletype computer screens, causing them to display the message, “I’m the creeper, catch me if you can!”

Is creeper first virus?

Answer: Creeper, named for a character on the “Scooby Doo” cartoon show, is generally recognized at the first computer virus. It was written in 1971 by Bob Thomas of BBN Technologies and spread through DEC PDP-10 computers on ARPAnet, displaying the message, “I’m the creeper, catch me if you can!”

How does Hidden Valley virus work in Fallout?

The infected terminals are almost always in a row or close together in a group. The virus usually has one per section (such as 1 in the middle). If the player character does not get all 3 terminals in the time limit, they will have to speak with Ibsen again. One will get a new 60 seconds and the terminals that the virus has infected will randomize.

Is there a way to partition hidden valley?

The virus can be partitioned easily by saving immediately after Ibsen tells the player character it has jumped and after finding and isolating the virus. The terminals the virus jumped to will be consistent when you re-load the saved game. The behavior of the virus is similar to the world’s first computer virus “creeper” created in 1971.

How does Ibsen get rid of the virus in Fallout?

This isolates the virus on that terminal permanently and leaves the player character with one fewer terminal to find should they fail. The virus can be partitioned easily by saving immediately after Ibsen tells the player character it has jumped and after finding and isolating the virus.

Is there a trick to the virus isolating puzzle?

The best way is to complete the Science challenge when you first speak to Scribe Ibsen about clearing the virus. Then it becomes MUCH easier to isolate it. If you don’t, or can’t, do the Science challenge, then you have to find all 3 of the infected computers in 1 minute.