How do you do a presentation assignment?

Establish rapport and interest with the audience. Indicate the overall content and organization of the presentation. Use research material to develop and support key issues. Use 7-10 slides, one slide must be a title slide with the presenter(s)’ names on it. Use 2-3 visuals (charts, tables, graphs, photos)

Can students upload powerpoints to canvas?

Students can submit multiple files at a time (and different file types), but they can’t mix files with URL’s or files with media. For example, this means they would need to submit multiple times if they were submitting a (1) word and/or PowerPoint file along with a (2) URL to a movie/youtube clip.

How do I upload an assignment on canvas?

Please view this guide for more information.Open Assignments. In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link.Select Assignment. Click the title of the assignment.Submit Assignment. Click the Submit Assignment button.Add File. To upload a file from your computer, click the Choose File button [1]. Add Another File.

Where is the Submit Assignment button on canvas?

To submit an assignment, click on “Submit Assignment” in the top right hand corner (6). Click Browse and open the document saved on your computer. Click Submit Assignment once more. If the submission was successful, you will see a Submitted!

How do I upload an assignment to Moodle?

Submit an AssignmentLinks to assignments can always be found in the sections down the center of the Moodle course page. Select the link to the assignment. Select Add submission. To enter online text, type directly into the Online text box. To submit a file using drag-and-drop: To browse for a file:

How do you sign LMS?

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How do you create an LMS account?

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How do I access deped LMS?

DepEd LMSLMS that teachers and learners can use for the conduct of online classes which can be accessed at LMS for the conduct of online trainings for teaching and non-teaching personnel that can be accessed at

How does an LMS work?

How does a learning management system work? Blended learning is where teachers and students meet physically, but the LMS is used to support learning by providing a space where materials can be stored and organised, assessments can be given, and students and teachers can interact using blogs, forums, and so on.