How do I post to multiple classes in Google Classroom?

Go to another classroom that you would like to post the same assignment in and navigate to the classwork tab. Click the “create” button in the upper right and select “reuse assignment”.

How do I reuse a quiz in Google Classroom?

In the resulting spreadsheet, you can then delete the old responses, so only new responses will display in that spreadsheet.Open the original form.Click the 3 dots in the FAR top right corner, by the profile pic.Select Make a Copy.Name this new form something different from the original.

How do I import grades into Google classroom?

For details, go to Tips for using Forms quizzes.Go to and click Sign In. Click the class.At the top, click Classwork the assignment. At the top-right, click Import Grades.Click Import to confirm.

Where is the import grades button in Google Classroom?

Click a class Classwork. Click the quiz assignment View Assignment. On the Student Work page, click Import Grades.