How do I log into Wawf?

To Login, go to the iRAPT site (, read the system notices, and click “Accept.” The login field is located to the left of the iRAPT site.

What is PIEE Wawf?

Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) is the primary enterprise procure-to-pay (P2P) application for the Department of Defense. WAWF remains the interactive web based system that allows contractors to electronically submit invoices and receiving reports (DD250’s for you old timers) for DoD contracts.

How do you make a PIEE account?

You will need to take several steps to establish your personal account: On the PIEE Home Page, click the Help/Training button in the upper right hand corner for steps needed to complete before registering. Complete your Vendor activation requirements (See Vendors Getting Started section on the Help/Training page).

Did Wawf replace PIEE?

The purpose of this ECP is to change the current name Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) e-Business Suite to the new enterprise solution name Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE).

How do I use Wawf?

To be able to use the WAWF system, you must register your company and create a username and password. The website you will need to use is: The first page will be the terms and conditions, briefly read through them and hit “Accept”.

How do I add a user to Wawf?

Procedure Follow the steps below to add roles to users in WAWF. 1 After Logon, click on the User link at the top of the screen. 2 Select the Add Role link under the Role Maintenance Header. 3 Select the (Add) next to the Government User Roles.

What are two advantages of procurement integrated?

EDA increases visibility of all procurement and payment actions, enables secure document access controls, provides 24/7 online electronic document search and retrieval, reduces administrative burden, supports other domains and their systems, delivers valuable business intelligence, and allows multiple DoD activities to …

Who uses Wawf?

Specific DoD components and other government offices using DoD WAWF include: Air Force (USAF) Army (USA) Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)

How do you request a contractor vendor support role to SPRS?

On the roles screen in step 1 choose “SPRS – Supplier Performance Risk System” 7. On the roles screen in step 2 choose “Contractor/Vendor (Support Role)” 8. On the roles screen in step 3 click “+ Add Roles” button 9. On the roles screen in step 4 enter/verify the “Location Code Type” 10.

How do I accept an invoice on Wawf? • Click accept at bottom of screen. Select Certificate Login. Highlight Your Certificate and click OK. Click on iRAPT to pay invoices or to find invoice history.

How do I check my Wawf payment status?

To check the status of a payment, contact your Contracting Officer or follow these steps:

  1. Log in to PIEE.
  2. Navigate to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF)
  3. From the History folder, validate your invoice, receiving report, combo, or voucher is in “processed” status.
  4. Access the myInvoice module.

Where can I get WAWF training for DoD?

Several opportunities exist to obtain Wide Area WorkFlow (WAWF) training to Vendors and Department of Defense (DoD) offices. WAWF Web-Based Training Site – Go here to learn how to use WAWF via self-paced, online training.

Can a WAWF report be submitted to a deactivated location code?

WAWF prohibits submission and re-submission of documents to a deactivated Government location code. This will maintain the capability for Corrected Receiving Reports to be submitted to an active location code. This overview of how to activate/deactivate DoDAACs and describes the updates to Documents Under Archived DoDAAC’s.

Can you re-submit a WAWF document to Piee?

All documents not set up under this process will be ignored by the retention and destruction business rules. On the PIEE portal, select PIEE Administration, under the Administration dropdown menu. WAWF prohibits submission and re-submission of documents to a deactivated Government location code.

How does WAWF route the IGT RR document?

WAWF will route the IGT RR to the Buyer for acceptance and will also notify the buyer via email to take action. This is currently done today for commercial transactions. The buyer can then accept/reject the IGT RR document either on the web, or externally via XML.