How do I get sponsors for my gaming team?

Here are the basic steps to acquire an eSports sponsorship:

  1. Grow Meaningful Connections Within Your Gaming Communities.
  2. Stay In Contact With Gaming And eSports Associations.
  3. Start A Club So Sponsors Can Sign You.
  4. Market Yourself To Potential Sponsors.

Who are misfits gaming sponsors?

SoFi sponsors Misfits Gaming BOCA RATON, FL, 19 March 2020 – Misfits Gaming Group (“MGG”) has partnered with SoFi, the digital personal finance company, across Misfits Gaming US, the Florida Mayhem and Florida Mutineers.

How do you get your clan sponsored?

To wrap things up:

  1. Build up your online presence (Youtube, Twitter, Blogs, Clan Website, etc.)
  2. Be creative! What sets you apart from the 3489503890 other clans out there?
  3. Focus on how you can help your sponsor SELL their products.
  4. Don’t look for free stuff from the beginning. If you’re good, it will come.

Does Subway sponsor Nihachu?

As part of the multi-million dollar sponsorship, Subway will now serve as Guild Esports’ official “quick-service restaurant partner” in over 50 markets across the globe.

Who does SCUF sponsor?

TRUSTED BY THE PROS Scuf Gaming is the official controller partner of major gaming leagues, including CDL, MLG, ESL, UMG, Gfinity and EGL.

Why do companies sponsor esports?

Major teams often belong to a company owning several teams competing in different games. Signing a sponsorship deal with such a structure ensures maximum visibility in different esports scenes.

Who is in NRG esports?

NRG Esports

  • EpikWhale. Shane Cotton. $1,229,324.87. $1,354,667.32.
  • GarrettG. Garrett Gordon. $378,258.90. $403,322.52.
  • jstn. Justin Morales. $344,845.37.
  • BenjyFishy. Benjy David Fish. $282,874.87.
  • Brehze. Vincent Cayonte. $201,558.33.
  • CeRq. Cvetelin Nikolov. $190,683.33.
  • Zayt. Williams Aubin. $178,591.53.
  • Ethan. Ethan Arnold. $177,400.00.

Who founded Misfits Gaming?

Ben Spoont
Ben Spoont is the CEO and Co-founder of Misfits Gaming and the Florida Mayhem, a professional esports organization with teams in the most popular esports leagues including Blizzard’s Overwatch League, Riot Games’ League of Legends, Epic Games’ Fortnite Pro League, and the NBA’s 2K League through its affiliation with …

Who does Corsair sponsor?

A globally recognized lifestyle and entertainment brand, Team Vitality and its players have over 20 million followers across social media and carry more mainstream sponsors than any other esports team including adidas, Renault, Orange and Red Bull.

What is Guild Nihachu?

Nihachu is a leader in the ever-growing variety streaming sector – playing the likes of Minecraft and Among Us and regularly hosting Just Chatting sessions to thousands of viewers.

Do pro players use SCUF?

Pros use SCUF controllers when playing PS4. SCUF controllers are a unique type of controller which allows for more button inputs on the back of the controller. This makes playing competitive games easier, as the player can use all of their fingers to input commands.

Do Cod pros use SCUF?

Battle Beaver has the most preferred controller in competitive Call of Duty yet again, despite Scuf Gaming being an official partner of the Call of Duty League and having separate sponsorships with multiple teams and players. …