How do I get my medical records from Sarasota Memorial Hospital?

Physician offices may call 941-917-1110 to request medical records.

What charting system does Sarasota Memorial use?

Allscripts Enterprise EHR
With passion and creativity, teammates at Sarasota Memorial continue to innovate, today using Allscripts Enterprise EHR™ and Allscripts Practice Management™. To date, hospital physicians have entered about 21 million orders into the system – a clear sign of how well it is working.

Is FollowMyHealth safe?

FollowMyHealth does not store your username and password for these particular providers and your credentials will continue to be maintained by them as well. In compliance with federal patient privacy regulations, all transmitted data is encrypted during this process. The data storage is also encrypted for protection.

Does Sarasota Memorial Hospital have private rooms?

Most of our rooms are private.

Does Sarasota Memorial accept Florida Blue?

With this agreement, Sarasota Memorial and First Physicians Group will be in the Florida Blue network for all our lines of business, including expanded access for BlueSelect and myBlue plans, which will significantly expand the affordability options for health care consumers in the region.

What county is Sarasota FL in?

Sarasota County

Is Sarasota Memorial Hospital a trauma center?

Sarasota Memorial is proud to provide Sarasota County’s only trauma care services. Our Level II Trauma Center features 2 helicopter landing pads, state-of-the-art trauma rooms, trauma surgical suites, and intensive care units equipped with advanced monitoring, imaging and life-support technologies.

Is SMH a teaching hospital?

Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH) is an 839-bed health care facility located in Sarasota, Florida. The hospital was founded in 1925, and is a level II trauma center….

Sarasota Memorial Hospital
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Who uses FollowMyHealth?

healthcare organizations
FollowMyHealth is used by healthcare organizations across the country as the power behind their hospital or clinic’s specific patient portal. While your portal may have a different name, the technology is the same.

Who owns FollowMyHealth?

Health Grid Holding Company LLC/Parent organizations
Jardogs,LLC is a provider of interphase systems for patient access to their electronic medical record (EMR). The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Springfield, Illinois. In March, 2013, Jardogs, LLC was acquired by Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc ([1]).

What is Sarasota Memorial Hospital known for?

Sarasota Memorial Hospital-Sarasota Campus, our flagship 839-bed, acute-care hospital, is the only hospital in Sarasota County providing obstetrical services, pediatrics, Level III neonatal intensive care, psychiatric services for patients of all ages and a Level II Trauma Center.

Does Sarasota have good medical care?

About Sarasota Memorial SMH is the only hospital in Florida to have consistently earned the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ highest 5-star quality rating since the evaluation system launched in 2016.

What is the meaning of the word SMH?

Variants include “scratching my head” and SMDH (“shaking my damn head”). How is SMH used? SMH often is used to impart a sense of bemused incredulity. PLEASE Philip!

How to set up a SMH patient portal?

Set Up an SMH Patient Portal Account. Set up your free account now and manage your protected health information in one secure, accessible location. Your no-cost, paperless, convenient patient portal enables you to: Check personal medical information anytime, 24/7. View test and lab results for future visits at SMH facilities.

How to connect with your doctor on FollowMyHealth?

Connect with your doctor in a whole new way… Meet Patients Where They Are… Go beyond the patient portal and meet patients where they are. Connect with your doctor in a whole new way. Drive better outcomes for employees with our enterprise health program.

How to check your medical information at Sarasota Memorial Hospital?

Check personal medical information 24/7.* Review patient visit summaries (including discharge summary of care and patient education) for services at the Sarasota Memorial Hospital-Sarasota Campus, SMH-Venice Campus, our Urgent Care Centers and other Sarasota Memorial facilities.