How do I fix error code 50 on Mac when copying files?

How to Fix MacBook Error Code 50

  1. Verify Your Disk.
  2. Use a Different File Name.
  3. Use Terminal.
  4. Check Your Power Settings.
  5. Clear Your Cache and Update Your Mac.
  6. Conclusion.

How do I fix error code 36 on Mac?

How to Resolve Error 36 in Mac OS X Finder with dot_clean

  1. Launch the Terminal (found in /Applications/Utilities/ or with Spotlight)
  2. At the command prompt, type:
  3. When dot_clean is finished, attempt the file copy again and it should succeed with no error code.

How do I fix Error 104 on Mac?

In order to fix error 104 with this problem, it is necessary to do a check for the list of log-in items, and delete the ones which haven’t been used in currently, and it is also suggested to disable the ones which don’t need to be launch automatically on Mac.

How do I fix Error 103 on Mac?

Check login items to troubleshoot error code 103 In some cases, many issues can be resolved by simply rebooting your Mac, and you can move along. But if the problem persists after a reboot, you can restart your Mac into Safe Mode to do a test.

How do you fix a Mac error?

How To Fix Common Mac Problems

  1. Reboot Mac.
  2. Reset PRAM/NVRAM.
  3. Boot into Safe Mode.
  4. Reset SMC.
  5. Repair disk permissions.
  6. Verify disk (and repair if necessary)
  7. Reset Safari and clear caches.
  8. Delete Caches folders.

How do I fix Error 50?

What is an “Error -50” And How Can I Fix It?

  1. Unmount and re-mount your drive. Try ejecting your drive. Then unplug it, reboot your system, and plug the drive back in again.
  2. Diagnose your drive with Disk Utility. Disk Utility is a program included with OS X.
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How do I fix Mac error code?


  1. Fix #1: Restart Your Mac.
  2. Fix #2: Eject the Drive and Plug it Back Again.
  3. Fix #3: Use Disk Utility.
  4. Fix #4: Rename the File.
  5. Fix #5: Change Your Mac’s Power Settings.
  6. Fix #6: Use the Terminal.

How do I fix Error 102 on Mac?

The main Error 102 Mac fix revolves around finding the problematic app that triggers the error and uninstalling/reinstalling it. If this Error 102 Mac fix doesn’t work, you can also try cleaning the Startup items, deleting junk files, and checking for hardware damage.

What to do when macOS won’t install?

What to Do When the macOS Installation Couldn’t Be Completed

  1. Restart Your Mac and Retry the Installation.
  2. Set Your Mac to the Correct Date and Time.
  3. Create Enough Free Space for macOS to Install.
  4. Download a New Copy of the macOS Installer.
  5. Reset the PRAM and NVRAM.
  6. Run First Aid on Your Startup Disk.

Why is macOS Big Sur failing to install?

Log out of the App Store and log back in. Logging back into the App Store can sometimes fix issues with Big Sur not downloading correctly. Use Recovery Mode. Restart your Mac and hold down Control + R before clicking Disk Mode to restart your Mac in Recovery Mode, then try installing the updates from here.