How do I call Philadelphia from Ireland?

To call United States from Ireland, dial: 00 – 1 – Area Code – Land Phone Number 00 – 1 – 10 Digit Mobile Number. Follow the dialing format shown above while calling United States From Ireland.

How do you call Ireland from Australia?

0011 is the international prefix used to dial somewhere outside of Australia. 353 is the international code used to dial to Ireland. 1 is the local area or city code used to dial to Dublin.

How do I dial Ireland from UK?

To call a telephone number in Ireland from the UK:

  1. Dial the international call prefix. For calls from the UK this is 00 (or ‘+’ from mobile phones).
  2. Dial the country code for Ireland – 353.
  3. Dial the number of the person/business, omitting the first zero if there is one.

How do I call Ireland from USA?

How to Call Ireland from the U.S.

  1. First dial 011 to exit the U.S. telephone system.
  2. Now dial 353, which is the country code for Ireland.
  3. Next, dial the local number, which is between seven and nine digits.

How do I dial to Ireland?

Ireland/Dialing codes

How do I dial a 1800 number from Ireland?

Dial the exit code of 00 and then the US country code of 1, followed by the Area Code, and the local 7-digit number. How To Dial a US Toll Free Number from Ireland? Dial the exit code of 00 and then the US country code of 1, followed by the Area Code, and the local 7-digit number.

How do I call Ireland?

A prefix is simply the set of numbers that come after the country and area codes of a telephone number. Ireland’s telephone numbers are made up of 13 numbers split into groups of 3. So if you’re going to make a call to Ireland using a mobile phone, you should dial country code+area code+7-9-digit number.

Can I call Ireland from my cell phone?

Calling Ireland Using Your Phone. Dial 011 from your cell phone or land line to make an international call. This is the exit code used to leave the United States calling region and signals that you are going to make an international call. Enter the country code to reach the area in Ireland you will be calling.

How can I save my mobile number in Ireland?

Tip: If you are saving numbers on your GSM mobile phone, you should always save them in the international format using the + symbol. That way your saved numbers will work whether you’re at home or abroad! For example, save Irish numbers as +353, US numbers as +1, UK as +44 etc.

What is the ISO code for Ireland?

Ireland/ISO code

Is there an area code beginning with 0159?

0159 is not a telephone code in its own right, although a number of area codes begin with 0159. The following is a list of all area codes beginning 0159: 01590.

When do I need to use the 01590 dialling code?

The Lymington 01590 dialling code is situated in the county of Hampshire in the South East Region of the UK. When do I need to use the 01590 Lymington dialling code?

Do you need a dialling code in Ireland?

Fixed-line telephone users do not need to dial the dialling code when they are contacting someone else within their own area. Irish geographic codes generally correspond to the areas in the list below.

What is the phone number for Ireland 353?

353 – Country Code for Ireland Phone Number (remove initial 0): fixed – 7 to 9 digits including area code cell phones – 9 digits