How do I apply for a job at mcdonalds UK?

Application process

  1. Fill in an online questionnaire (this takes about half an hour).
  2. If we like what we read, we’ll invite you to a restaurant to try out working with the team and have an interview with the Manager.
  3. If all goes well, we’ll offer you a job. search jobs.

How do I check my Mcdonalds application?

What is the status of my McDonald’s job application? Hiring is handled at the store level. Please reach out to the store where you applied by visiting the McDonald’s Restaurant Locator page for store contact information and speak with the hiring manager regarding the status of your McDonald’s job application.

Can a 14 year old work at McDonald’s UK?

How old do you need to be to work at McDonald’s? You must be of school-leaving age (except for Student Work Experience opportunities). If you’re unsure what this means, please use the age checker in the eligibility section of the application form.

How much does McDonald’s pay UK?

“The average McDonald’s salary ranges from approximately £10,000 per year for Customer Service Team Lead to £35,297 per year for Business Manager. “Average McDonald’s hourly pay ranges from approximately £8.25 per hour for Night Team Member to £16.02 per hour.”

How much do McDonalds pay 17 year olds UK?

McDonald’s has confirmed that the wages on the pamphlet are correct. Now, 16-17 year-olds will join on a minimum wage of £5.75, while crew over the age of 25 will initially receive £8 per hour.

How much does McDonald’s pay per hour?

Mcdonalds Cashier Salary

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $59,500 $29
75th Percentile $45,500 $22
Average $33,834 $16
25th Percentile $20,500 $10

Do Mcdonalds pay weekly?

Does McDonald’s pay weekly? No, but due to McDonald’s having many independent franchise store owners, most have their own way of paying their employees every two weeks or twice a month.

How much does McDonald’s pay per hour UK?

“Average McDonald’s hourly pay ranges from approximately £8.25 per hour for Night Team Members to £16.02 per hour.” On McDonald’s website they say: “We ensure that our pay rates remain competitive.

How do you apply for McDonalds online?

How to Apply at McDonald’s. Apply online: Visit to log onto the McDonald’s career page, browser from restaurant and corporate opportunities, complete the online application with your resume uploaded and wait for response. Apply offline: Download the printable form below and fill out the form to apply for…

Do you need resume for McDonalds?

No matter what type of job you are seeking at McDonald’s, you should bring a polished resume and completed application to your job interview. But this is only part of what you should do to be prepared. Whether you want to fill an upper-management position or you are interviewing to be a cashier or food preparation

How do you apply for job at McDonald’s?

In order to apply for a job at McDonald’s, an applicant must submit an application form and a resume to the nearest branch to their home location. The company will contact them if there are any job position available.

How old do you have to be to apply for job at McDonalds?

In order to work for McDonald’s, you need to be at least 16 years old. This age requirement only extends to the entry-level job positions; higher positions have higher age requirements and need more credentials.