How diverse is St Albans?

Here in Hertfordshire, 91 per cent of St Albans’ population is white, according to the World Population Review. Just 1.7 percent of the city’s population are Black, while 4.1 per cent are South Asian, 1.9 per cent are mixed race and 1.4 per cent are Chinese or other Asian.

Is St Albans wealthy?

New research has confirmed that money can buy happiness, and St Albans is one of the happiest – and wealthiest – places in the UK. St Albans was streets ahead on the financial front, however: the average salary within the top 10 was £33,864, way behind the St Albans average of £47,507.

What is the population of St Albans UK?

The total resident population of St Albans in 2018 was 147,373. By 2039 the population in St Albans is projected to be 177,653. The ward with the largest population is London Colney, representing 6.67% of the total population of all wards in St Albans.

How many Asians live in St Albans?

According to estimates, nearly 91% of the population is White, 4.1% is South Asian, 1.7% is Black, 1.4% are Chinese or other Asian, while 1.9% are mixed. Most of the resident of St. Albans are Christian, with this religion making up 71% of the population.

Is St Albans multicultural?

St Albans is a fine city with a multicultural community which we as Rotarians are proud to serve. It has a uniquely long history and a varied architectural heritage. There is something here for everyone, resident or tourist alike.

Which celebrities live in St Albans?

What links Stephen Hawking with Ali G?

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Is St Albans a nice place to live?

St Albans is an exciting and comfortable place to live. The city is steeped in history. The original Celtic settlement became one of the three largest Roman towns in Britain and was known as Verulamium (”the settlement above the marsh”).

How many pubs are in St Albans?

More than a quarter of the pubs in St Albans district have shut since 2001, new data has shown. Data from the Office of National Statistics shows the number has dropped from 130 in 2001 to 95 in 2018.

What is the population of Guildford?


Guildford Location within Surrey
Population 77,057 (2011)
OS grid reference SU9949
• London 27.5 miles (44.3 km) NE

Is St Albans safe?

St Albans is the safest major town in Hertfordshire, and is the 47th most dangerous overall out of Hertfordshire’s 141 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in St Albans in 2020 was 52 crimes per 1,000 people.

What was the population of St Albans in 2017?

St Albans population statistics. In 2017, there were 270k residents in St Albans postcode area with an average age of 38.5 years. Population density was 829 residents per square kilometer. In England and Wales, the average age was 40.

How big of a city is St.Albans, VT?

St. Albans stretches across over 6.99 square miles, and it has a population estimated to be 57,000. The population density comes to about 8,268 residents per square mile (3,192 residents per kilometer squared).

Where does the population of the UK come from?

Source: UK Office for National Statistics (web). Explanation: All population figures and depicted boundaries are based on output areas officially assigned to the 2011 built-up areas. Output areas often include some unbuilt parts.