How can I listen to WJR on my phone?

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How old is Paul W Smith from WJR?

Paul W. Smith
Born Paul William Smith 1953 (age 67–68) Monroe, Michigan
Alma mater University of Michigan
Spouse(s) Kim Smith

Who is filling in for Frank Beckmann?

Kevin Helm and Dave Lorenz ~ The Frank Beckmann Show.

What station is WJR?

WJR (760 AM) is a commercial radio station in Detroit, Michigan. It is owned by Cumulus Media and broadcasts a News/Talk radio format….WJR.

City Detroit, Michigan
Broadcast area Southeast Michigan
Frequency 760 kHz
Branding News Talk 760 WJR

Is Paul W Smith married?

Kim Smith
Paul W. Smith/Spouse

Who owns WJR?

Cumulus Media

WJR (760 AM) is a commercial radio station in Detroit, Michigan. It is owned by Cumulus Media and broadcasts a News/Talk radio format. WJR is a Class A clear channel station.

Who will be replacing Frank Beckmann on WJR?

anchor Tom Jordan
Morning drive WWJ News anchor Tom Jordan, who has partnered with Roberta Jasina for more than seven years, is expected to land a show on WJR, a source tells Deadline Detroit.

Is Frank Beckman retiring?

DETROIT – Metro Detroit bid a fond farewell to one of its longtime radio friends Friday as Frank Beckmann retired after 48 years behind the microphone. He started out doing sports before he branched into talk radio.

Who owns Cumulus Media?

As of June 2019, Cumulus lists ownership of 428 stations in 87 media markets. It also owns and operates Westwood One. Its headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia….This article may be in need of reorganization to comply with Wikipedia’s layout guidelines.

Type Public

How long has Paul W Smith been married?

SEEN caught up with Kim and Paul W. Smith, 56 and 65, respectively, at one of their favorite local date-night spots: Joe Muer Seafood in Bloomfield Hills. The Grosse Pointe couple chatted about their marriage of nearly seven years, charities they love to support and who inspires their personal style.

What does WJR stand for?


Call sign meaning Former owner Jewett Radio & Phonograph Co.
Technical information
Facility ID 8626
Class A (clear-channel)

When did WJR?

May 4, 1922
On May 4, 1922, operating at 580 kHz, WJR held its first broadcast from a studio on the ninth floor of the Free Press Building, under the call sign WCX, which became known as β€œThe Call of the Motor City.”