Does Yammer have video conferencing?

With the current interest in video conferencing, Yammer now enables users to watch past, current, and upcoming live events on the Events page in each community, produce live events using webcam and screen sharing and — and this will be a deal clincher — host live events in the All Company community.

Does Microsoft 365 include Yammer?

Yammer is fully integrated with the 365 ecosystem, including Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. Users can even collaborate on Office files directly from Yammer using the Office web apps. Yammer is available as a desktop, web, and mobile app.

Can you go live on Yammer?

Only members of your Yammer network can attend live events. Guests and external users do not have access to live events. For live events in public groups, all members of your Yammer network can attend. For live events in private groups, attendees must be members of the private group in which the live event is hosted.

What is Microsoft Yammer?

Yammer connects leaders, communicators, and employees to build communities, share knowledge, and engage everyone. Use the Home feed to stay on top of what matters, tap into the knowledge of others, and build on existing work. Stay connected outside the office with the Yammer mobile app.

What is included in Office 365 Education?

This plan allows students to install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access on up to 5 PCs or Macs and Office apps on other mobile devices including Windows tablets and iPads®. The plan also includes 1TB of OneDrive storage, managed by the school.

Is Azure included in Office 365?

Microsoft 365 uses Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), a cloud-based user identity and authentication service that is included with your Microsoft 365 subscription, to manage identities and authentication for Microsoft 365. Your first planning choice is the Microsoft 365 identity model.

Is anyone using Yammer?

Yammer quickly caught the eyes of many eager buyers before it was ultimately acquired by Microsoft in 2012. Microsoft rolled the new product into their Office 365 suite in 2014, and today it is used by 85% of fortune 500 companies worldwide. You can think of Yammer as being the Facebook of the corporate world.

Is Yammer being discontinued?

On 1 January, 2017, the Yammer Enterprise service tier will be discontinued but the social network will remain available and will be integrated with Office 365 services in a number of ways. Within Yammer itself, it will be possible for users to create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents through Office Online.

Is Microsoft Teams replacing Yammer?

Microsoft, meanwhile, acquired Yammer for $1.2 billion in June 2012. Teams is Microsoft’s Office 365 chat-based collaboration tool that competes with Google’s Hangouts Chat, Facebook’s Workplace, and Slack. But Yammer still stands on its own, meaning that Teams can’t completely replace its use cases.

Is Office 365 free for college students?

Students and educators are eligible for Office 365 Education for free, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and now Microsoft Teams, plus additional classroom tools. All you need is a valid school email address. It’s not a trial – so get started today.

How does Yammer work with Microsoft Office 365?

Join the conversation and connect with coworkers in the apps you use everyday. Rely on the same enterprise-level security, compliance, and management features of Microsoft 365 to help protect data. Analytics from the Office admin center and insights in Yammer make it easy to understand activity and measure impact.

What are the requirements to attend a Yammer live event?

Requirements for live event attendees. Everyone who attends a Yammer live event must have an Office 365 subscription that includes a license for Yammer (Office 365 A3, A5, F1, E1, E3, or E5). Only members of your Yammer network can attend live events.

Who are the members of the Yammer network?

Yammer network as an organizational boundary Only users who are part of the same organization can join the network, which provides trust between members of the network, so they can collaborate freely.

What do you need to know about Yammer collaboration tool?

Yammer is a collaboration tool that helps you connect and engage across the company. Start conversations, share knowledge, and build communities. Skip to main content