Does Pirlo have a son?

Niccolò Pirlo
Tommaso PirloLeonardo Pirlo
Andrea Pirlo/Sons

Is Andrea Pirlo rich?

Andrea Pirlo was born in Flero, Lombardy, Italy in May 1979. He played his youth soccer for Brescia and then played for their senior club from 1995 to 1998….Andrea Pirlo Net Worth.

Net Worth: $50 Million
Nationality: Italy

How much does Pirlo make?

7 million GBP (2020)
Andrea Pirlo/Salary

Did Pirlo play with Ronaldo?

Speaking after the game, Pirlo was asked about Cristiano Ronaldo’s surprise omission. In this regard, Pirlo said: “It was a shared decision, Ronaldo was tired after Wednesday’s game, so I decided to start Morata, another great player. Ronaldo was available, I have a deep squad, and I can pick many different players.”

Is Andrea Pirlo married?

Deborah Roversim. 2001–2014
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Who is Pirlo son?

Who is the poshest football player?

Highest transfer payments in association football

Rank Player Born
1 Neymar 1992
2 Kylian Mbappé 1998
3 Philippe Coutinho 1992
4 João Félix 1999

How much does Juventus make a year?

During the 2018/2019 football season, Juventus paid the highest average annual salary to its’ clubs players out of all teams in the Serie A with an average of roughly 8.85 million U.S. dollars. The team has been holding the first position as a highest paying club for the past three years.

Why did Ronaldo bench?

Cristiano Ronaldo: Juventus boss says he decided to use Portuguese star from the bench on Sunday. Italian media reports said that Ronaldo had asked to be on the bench for Juve’s Serie A season opener in Udine, potentially in order to preserve his fitness as he looks to secure a move away from the club.

Who is Juventus boss?

Massimiliano Allegri
Juventus F.C./Managers

Allegri, 53, returns as Juve coach two years after being replaced despite winning a fifth consecutive league title, paying for the club’s failure in the Champions League they last won in 1996.