Does anyone live in Franz Josef Land?

Zemlya Frantsa-Iosifa, Norwegian: Fridtjof Nansen Land) is a Russian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. It is inhabited only by military personnel.

Can you visit Franz Josef Land?

Experience a rare chance to explore wondrous islands, on our inaugural Franz Josef Land voyage. From Svalbard, cross the Barents Sea to a world few have seen. Enter the Russian Arctic National Park and watch for polar bears, whales, walrus and seals.

Why is it called Franz Josef Land?

Franz Josef Land was discovered by an Austro-Hungarian expedition under Julius von Payer and Karl Weyprecht in 1873; it was named after the Austrian emperor. The Soviet Union annexed the islands in 1926 and maintained permanent weather stations there.

What nation whose territory includes an Arctic archipelago named Franz Josef Land is trying to expand its claims to the Arctic?

In August 2016, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced the expansion of the Russian Arctic National Park by 74,000 square kilometers, to include the Franz Josef Land archipelago.

Is the North Pole permanently frozen?

While the South Pole lies on a continental land mass, the North Pole is located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean amid waters that are almost permanently covered with constantly shifting sea ice.

What country owns Svalbard?

Svalbard, (Old Norse: “Cold Coast”) archipelago, part of Norway, located in the Arctic Ocean well north of the Arctic Circle. The islands lie between longitude 10° and 35° E and latitude 74° and 81° N, about 580 miles (930 km) north of Tromsø, Norway.

How do I get to Franz Josef Land?

To reach Franz Josef Land requires you to fly to Longyearbyen – the most northern airport in the world that operates scheduled flights (quite the journey when travelling from Australia) and then sail for around two days before passing through a Russian checkpoint, after which you are finally ready to explore!

Who owns the North Pole?

Current international law mandates that no single country owns the North Pole or the region of the Arctic Ocean that surrounds it. The five adjacent countries, Russia, Canada, Norway, Denmark (via Greenland), and the United States, are restricted to a 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone off their coasts.

Which country is closest to the North Pole?

The Canadian territory of Nunavut lies closest to the North Pole. Greenland, the world’s largest island and an independent country within the Kingdom of Denmark, is also close to the pole. The North Pole is much warmer than the South Pole.

Has anyone been born on Svalbard?

You cannot give birth on Svalbard. There’s no such thing as the circle of life this far north. Just as you can’t die, you can’t be born on Svalbard either. When a pregnant women has a few weeks remaining before her due date, she must travel to the mainland to give birth.

Is Svalbard a rich country?

The economy of Svalbard is dominated by coal mining, tourism and research. The same year, mining gave a revenue of 2.008 billion kr, tourism NOK 317 million and research 142 million. In 2006, the average income for economically active people was NOK 494,700, or 23% higher than on the mainland.