Does Andes do takeaway?

Make takeaway or delivery orders with Frasers Makan Master at ANDES @ East Point Mall now!

Does Andes have service charge?

The order of steak allowed us to choose two sides dishes. We could also add a soft drink for $1 extra. GST would be added to the bill but there was no service charge.

What is good at Astons?


  • ieat Super Burger. The ieat Super Burger (S$15.90) was an oversized burger, and costed just one buck more than their Classic Cheeseburger.
  • Hictory BBQ Chicken.
  • Mushroom Soup from Aston’s!
  • Chargrilled Chicken ($10.90)
  • Wagyu Steak.
  • 📍 Astons.

Who started Astons?

Mr Aston Soon
Mr Aston Soon is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of ASTONS Food & Beverage Specialities Pte Ltd, responsible for the overall management, strategic planning and business development of the group. Mr Soon entered the F&B industry in 1988 as a part-time staff at a steakhouse.

Where do Andes mints come from?

The candies are usually wrapped in green foil and imprinted with the company’s logo, the word Andes written amidst a drawing of snow-capped peaks. First launched in 1950, they are produced by Tootsie Roll Industries and made in Delavan, Wisconsin.

Is it possible to get halal steak in Singapore?

From food courts to high-end restaurants, halal steaks aren’t exactly hard to come by in Singapore. But halal steaks that are tasty and cheap – now those are a rare medium done well.

Is the Andes the same as Astons specialities?

An alter-ego of ASTONS Specialities where the menu is almost identical, ANDES uses the same high quality and fresh ingredients to serve up generous portions of food to our customers.

How much is black pepper steak at Astons?

You can never go wrong with their Black Pepper Steak ($15.90) which is well-seasoned with a peppery kick. And just like Astons, every meal comes with 2 side dishes of your choice with their mac & cheese and onion rings being the most popular choices. 4. T Bob’s Corner

Where to find hidden gems in Singapore besides street food?

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, 50 Tanah Merah Ferry Road, #01-02/25, Singapore 498833. Do you know that you can discover hidden gems and wondrous places other than its street food in Taiwan? Yes, of course, you can! As the third most attractive non-Muslim destination among Muslims around… Dieng Plateau.