Do Voluspa candles have phthalates?

The candles are Phthalate, paraben and Sulufate free. If the wick develops a mushroom carbo tip. Therefore make sure to burn your candle long enough for even burning.

Does Voluspa have paraffin?

Voluspa candles were co-founded by Traci and Troy Arntsen. Unlike many high end brands that use some form of high quality paraffin, Voluspa candles instead use a type of coconut wax which is much safer to use, similar to the organic soy wax used in brands like Koji Candles.

What fragrance oil does Voluspa use?

Goji Tarocco Orange Fragrance Oil
Goji Tarocco Orange Fragrance Oil (Voluspa Type)

What scent is mokara?

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Brand Voluspa
Scent Lily
Material Wax
Size 6.2 oz
Product Dimensions 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches; 1.1 Pounds

Is Voluspa safe?

There are hundreds of safe-to-burn candle brands out there, but my #1 favorite is the infamous Voluspa candles. These babies are ecologically sound, sustainable and manufactured without any pesticides or parabens.

How long do Voluspa candles last?

approximately 4-6 months
Our diffusers last approximately 4-6 months. If more fragrance is desired, flip the reeds on a more frequent basis.

How long do Voluspa candles burn?

The burning time is approximately 60 hours, and the tin can be repurposed once the candle has burned out. Voluspa designs also make for beautiful gifts!

What does Mokara orchid smell like?

It is a delicate floral scent with a mossy dry down. Though the flowers are delicate it has excellent longevity and good sillage. Gorgeous textured white floral.

What does voluspa mokara smell like?

Mokara is one of our best complimentary fragrances. The notes of lily and moss provide a fresh, floral experience without being too overpowering.

Are Voluspa candles bad?

Where is Voluspa shipped from?

Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories Orders placed on ship from our headquarters in Irvine, California (92614). Ground Shipping transit times vary by location the order is shipping to.

Are Voluspa candles safe for pets?

During each candle use, it is recommended to burn long enough to liquefy the entire top layer of wax (which can take a few hours). Do not burn candles in a draft. Always keep candles in sight when in use and keep away from children and pets.