Do Nike Blazers look good on big feet?

Nike Blazers fit very narrow, but also quite long, so definitely keep that in mind. If you have super wide feet then a pair of Nike Blazers might not be for you! It’s the perfect casual look to match the casual feel of the Nike Blazer.

Are Nike Blazer Mid 77 worth it?

The Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage is a comfortable and amazing shoe on feet, according to several wearers. Many customers are attracted to the shoe’s vintage and lovely design. It is one of the Nike sneakers that are of good quality, according to some reviews.

What is the difference between Nike Mid 77 and Vintage blazer?

Available Now // The Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Arrives in Three Classic Colorways. Both pairs arrive identical in makeup; white leather uppers, vintage-style suede forefoot overlays, exposed foam tongues and eroded Nike-branded heels — the only difference lays with the colored Swooshes.

Are Nike Blazer good?

Verdict from 100+ user reviews The majority of the reviewers found this pair to be very comfortable. Some shoe owners liked the fact that the kick is lightweight. Its materials and construction were of excellent quality, according to several purchasers. The Nike Blazer Mid Vintage can be customized.

Do Nike Blazer Mids crease?

An issue that disgruntles few customers was the creasing of the ankle portion of the sneaker. A couple of reviewers also noticed that the Nike Blazer Mid was hard to clean and an appalled user even mentions that it attracts a crazy amount of lint.

What sneakers give the most height?

Elevate your style with these 15 stylish sneakers that make you look taller:

  • BRANDBLACK Aura Sneaker. Nordstrom.
  • Pikolinos Palermo M3H-6157. Zappos.
  • Nike Air Max Invigor.
  • Superga 2750 COTU Classic Sneaker.
  • ECCO Sport Cool 2.0 Leather GTX.
  • NIKE Air Max 270 Sneaker.
  • MEPHISTO ‘Match’ Walking Shoe.
  • Vans Authenticâ„¢ Core Classics.

Are Nike Blazers low comfortable?

Comfort, Fit, and Sizing Comfort is always subjective, especially with faux vintage athletic sneakers, but personally I found the Blazer Lows to be fairly comfortable. Standard sneaker-type comfort, similar to Adidas Stan Smiths and Nike Killshots.

What is the difference between Nike Blazer High and mid?

The Nike Blazer Mid features a smoother side wall on the rubber midsole along with a strip of foxing running along the base of the upper in comparison to the Nike Blazer High. The Nike Blazer Mid remains the less retro’d of these two closely related sneakers.

Is Nike Blazer comfortable?

The model fits true to size but you might want to order a half size up to get in and out easily. Comfort-wise, these blazers aren’t as comfy as other Nike designs but are comfortable enough. You will not get as much cushioning as in the Air Max or Air Force 1 silhouette, but there’s enough to make them agreeable.

Do Nike Blazers go on sale?

Blazers rarely go on sale, so take advantage while you can Nike’s Blazer silhouette rarely goes on sale. But occasionally Nike will throw us a bone, and currently, three colorways of the Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage are on sale for as much as 25% off.

How much height do Nike Blazers give?


sole height 1 in
height 4.3 in
heel 1.2 in