Did Telia ever find the father?

More than 13 years later, Telia stated in passing that she was able to find Shardae’s father, although it is not known how many additional men she had to test to find out, or if it was even true. She returned to Maury for another paternity test, this time for her 20-year old daughter Allantis.

Is Maury taping?

For the series’ first 18 seasons, it was taped in New York City, but beginning with Season 19, the show has been taped at the Rich Forum in Stamford, Connecticut, which is alternately known as the Stamford Media Center. In March 2020, Maury was renewed through the 2021–2022 season.

Do you get paid for being on Maury Show?

“There is no payment, at least on ‘Maury. ‘ They get the trip, hotel and a small per diem for meals, incidentals.”

Did sholanda find her baby daddy?

Sholonda showed very little reaction when she found out neither Kenneth nor Larry was the father. Sholonda tested more men, possibly on May 9, and on June 30, 2005, and none of them were the father.

Who’s been on Maury the most?

This is a list of all Maury paternity guests who have tested 8 or more men for their 1 child….List of paternity guests who have taken the most tests.

Name Simone
No. of Tests 11, 1 child
Date November. 2003-May 2007
Aftermath Did not find the father

What happened to Simone from Maury?

She is back because she was convinced that her new boyfriend, Aaron, was cheating on her with other women. Unfortunately, she was proven to be right as Aaron failed his lie detector test and Simone ended their relationship. This was Simone’s last appearance, she has not been seen on the show since.

What happened to D West from The Maury Show?

West is now an accomplished author and writer. He never gave up. West reads to thousands of students in schools from books he has written.

How much do they pay people on Maury?

The Maury Show Ticket Information There are a variety of ways to request tickets, you can email the Maury TV show, fill out an online form on the show’s website or call the TV show directly. Get Paid $50 To See This Show: You will get paid $50 per day per person in cash to see this show.

Who appeared on Maury the most?

List of Maury guests who have appeared the most amount of times

Name Guest type Date of appearances
Marisol (14 times) Paternity guest February 2001-February 2013
Simone (14 times) Cheating victim/cheater/paternity guest September 2003-February 2014
Georgetta (13 times) Paternity guest/other woman May 2001 – February 2006

What of men on Maury are not the father?

Maury Povich Say 10 Percent of Fathers are Not The Father.