Did Gandalf get his staff from Radagast?

Gandalf and Radagast with original staves from the films shown To date, Gandalf is seen with five different variations of his staff, three of those as Gandalf the Grey. After his staff is destroyed by Sauron, he then acquires the staff of Radagast the Brown, which he uses in the Battle of the Five Armies.

Was Gandalf’s pipe in his staff?

We’re talking about Gandalf’s pipe, specifically where he keeps it. It’s not up his sleeve or in the pocket of his robe — does his robe even have pockets? No, it’s actually stored at the top of his staff, a convenient and elegant solution that’s hiding in plain sight.

Where did Gandalf get his staff?

It seems clear, therefore, that Gandalf never lost his staff in the book. However, Gandalf later destroyed his staff in Moria while facing the Balrog, and after being restored to life he was taken to Lorien where Galadriel and the Elves gave him new clothing and apparently a new staff.

Did Gandalf lose his staff in the Hobbit?

Fortunately, it isn’t long before Gandalf is given another replacement when he and the Hobbits are reunited at Rivendell. In the books, Gandalf’s Lord of the Rings staff breaks during this battle, but he merely loses it in the movies.

Did radagast become GREY?

Tolkien initially called him “Radagast the Grey”, but in pencil he changed this to “Brown” and subsequently Saruman refers to him as “Radagast the Brown”.

Is the Witch King stronger than Gandalf?

This question originally appeared on Quora. I’m going to take a stance and say that no, the Witch King is not more powerful than Gandalf. Gandalf, like Saruman, Sauron, and several other characters in the greater Lord of the Ring universe, is a Maia. Gandalf is one of the five Maiar sent by the Valar to contest Sauron.

Is Gandalf a stoner?

The tough, hilarious, and kind Gandalf, a wizard of Middle Earth, is a character most notable to the weed community, owed to his liberal use of what author J.R.R. Tolkien called “pipe-weed.”

What is the difference between Gandalf the GREY and Gandalf the White?

It was that resurrection that Gandalf transformed from Gandalf the Grey to Gandalf the White. By taking his title, Gandalf became the leader of the wizards and was given authority to punish Saruman. Another difference is that Gandalf the White could be harsher and applied his powers more readily.

Why is Radagast not in Lord of the Rings?

Some passed over the Misty Mountains and eventually came to Rhosgobel, but they found that Radagast was not there. His fate after the War of the Ring is not known, however given his task was to oppose Sauron his powers likely would have dwindled if he remained in Middle-earth.

Is Radagast Gandalf’s brother?

Radagast the Brown is a fictional character in J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendarium. A wizard and associate of Gandalf, he appears briefly in The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, and Unfinished Tales.