Can you visit triss after completing The Witcher 3?

After the storyline has been completed, many of the story-related NPCs disappear. This is, unfortunately, permanent at this point. These NPCs include (but are not limited to): Best thing to do is run a new game plus and create a save right at the first preparations phase in Novidgrad.

Can you romance both triss and Yennefer Witcher 3?

WARNING: You can’t romance both Triss AND Yennefer If you choose to try and romance both Triss and Yennefer, then you will end up losing both of them. That being said it is an entertaining story so if you aren’t attached to either of them feel free to give it a try.

Can Geralt be with Triss?

Alongside Yennefer, Triss is one of Geralt’s main love interests in The Witcher 3. In the two previous Witcher games, Triss is Geralt’s main romantic interest, but in The Witcher 3, the two haven’t seen each other in a while. Geralt will be reunited with Triss in the city of Novigrad as part of the main story.

Does triss really love Geralt?

Triss, on the other hand, really liked Geralt. The games made Geralt like Triss back (thank you, amnesia). It’s more organic that way minus the manipulation and the omission part but keep in mind that Triss has loved Geralt long before Yennefer even disappeared.

Do you see Triss again after now or never?

She is at Kaer Morhen, like you suggested to her. You cannot see her until quite a bit later in the game, but you will see her again.

Does Ciri stay at Corvo Bianco forever?

Canonically, not long. Unless she’s already the empress, then she can stay however long she wants.

What happens if you let Triss leave?

She will leave regardless, she will return, regardless. If you ask her to stay but don’t say ‘I love you,’ does it impact Yen relationship? No, Sorceresses only care who you say “I love you” to.

Where is Ciri after ending?

In a bittersweet ending, Ciri is escorted back to the Emperor. You’ll still need to have chosen at least three positive outcomes to unlock this ending, but bringing Ciri to Emhyr is the only choice that differentiates this from the ‘best’ ending.

What happens to Geralt and Triss in the Witcher 3?

How To Not Screw It Up It’s possible for Geralt to live the rest of his life with Triss in the ending of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, so long as he avoids cheating on her with Yennefer. Geralt will reunite with Yennefer when he continues the main quest of the story and the player will have a chance to romance her.

Is it possible for Geralt and Triss to get together?

It’s possible for Geralt to hook up with Triss in all three of The Witcher video games, which suggests an intent on the part of the developers for the two of them to be destined to stay together. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has several romance options for Geralt to choose from, and he has to go out of his way to pursue Triss.

Who is Geralt’s girlfriend in the Witcher 2?

The History Of Geralt & Triss’ Romance Triss is a romance option in all three of The Witcher video games. In The Witcher, Triss was the subject of some of the infamous “Romance” cards that the player could collect, while she is already in a relationship with Geralt at the start The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings.

How to romance Triss in the Witcher 3?

In order to start the Triss romance quest, the player needs to have completed “The Play’s the Thing” main quest, which will allow them to start a sidequest called “A Matter of Life and Death.” Triss and Geralt will need to attend a masquerade in order to save a young alchemist.