Can you park zone 2 DC?

Yes, although hard to believe, you can park in DC for free. No zone permits, quarters or moving your car for 2-hour zone limits.

What does C mean in parking spaces?

C Spots. Overview. Prevent car mix-ups with well marked parking spots. Parking Space C Signs include all of the parking spots you need for your parking lot, from 1 to 50. Allow yourself as many sections and as many spaces as you need to have spots for all of your employees or visitors.

How long can you Park in a parking zone in DC?

Drivers who do not live in these zones can park for a maximum of two hours before they are subject to ticketing. After that time, they must move their vehicles after the zone entirely, not just to a different street. There are some cheap alternative parking options for drivers without a permit who need to park for more than two hours.

Why are there parking zones in the District of Columbia?

The District of Columbia created residential parking zones in an effort to provide citizens who live in high traffic areas with the ability to park close to their homes. The city is split into eight different parking zones, and only residents with a corresponding parking permit may park on most streets in those zones.

Do you need a residential parking permit in DC?

Residential Parking Permits. DC DMV will issue a residential parking permit (RPP) to allow any DC DMV-registered private vehicle, or vehicle with reciprocity to be parked without restriction in the permit area of the vehicle’s registered address.

Can a vehicle be parked in a residential zone?

Even if you live in a particular ward or zone, you cannot automatically park in that ward or zone beyond that 2-hour restriction unless your vehicle has an RPP. A number of blocks in a zone or ward have no restrictions on residential parking.