Can you mix aulonocara with Mbuna?

Most African cichlids are aggressive, so keep them in a large tank (longer than taller), but avoid closely related fish and those with similar body coloration. For instance, do not maintain different Aulonocara species together, but you can keep them with mbuna cichlids.

Will Mbuna cichlids cross breed?

Also remember that Mbuna cichlids from different species can and will cross breed. If you keep several species together and they produce offspring you should not sell the fry since the mixed DNA will ruin the bloodlines of the true species when people use the crossings for breeding purposes.

Are Mbuna cichlids Mouthbrooders?

Maternal mouthbrooders are found among both African and South American cichlids. African examples are the haplochromines, such as the mbuna, Astatotilapia burtoni, and the dwarf mouthbrooders Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor, and some of the tilapiines, such as Oreochromis mossambicus and Oreochromis niloticus.

Can I keep tropheus with Mbuna?

Omnivore Mbunas are compatible with : Lake Tanganyika Herbivores (Tropheus) : Feed a mainly herbivore diet (Omnivores need some algae in their diet anyways. They don’t mind eating salad)

Can 2 different cichlids breed?

Yes I have. Hybrids are quite common in the cichlid hobby. Almost any Central American cichlid will hybridize with any other. Many of the mbuna (rock dwelling cichlids from Lake Malawi) will hybridize with each other.

Why are hybrid cichlids bad?

Hybrids are bad for many reasons. Firstly, it is unnatural. The colours of natural Cichlids are something for us to marvel and wonder at; hybrids, on the other hand, are merely cheap mockeries of these. On a practical level, hybrids result in problems for fellow fish-keepers and enjoyers of the hobby.

What are the least aggressive mbuna cichlids?

  • Bolivian rams. Bolivian rams are one of the least aggressive African cichlids.
  • German blue rams. These fish are brilliantly colored with a blue and yellow body, a red head, and yellow fins, all decorated with vibrant blue dots.
  • Keyholes. Keyholes are possibly the least aggressive African cichlids.
  • Yellow labs.
  • Blue acaras.

Do mbuna like strong current?

Mbunas appreciate lots of flow, they even enjoy swimming in it like it is a game. I do have experiene with them but not too much, just had them early august. But so far, they are swimming with the current that i have in the tank.