Can you make cider with cooking apples?

You can use any apples, but the best cider is made from a mixture of sweet, eating and sour varieties. People spend years working out the right blends, but I used approximately two-thirds sweet apples to one third cooking apples, with a few handfuls of crab apples thrown in.

Can you make cider from Bramley cooking apples?

You also need apples with strong flavours. Bramley is ok; some eaters are ok if used in a mixture with sour apples if they have strong flavours (ribston, laxton, or anything really ‘apple-ey’). Cider apples are obviously best, but few people have them.

How do you make cider from apples?


  1. Before you start, drill 30 small holes in the bottom of the straining bucket.
  2. Pick and clean your apples.
  3. Clean your kit.
  4. Set up your juicer and strainer.
  5. Juice and strain.
  6. Pitch the yeast.
  7. Ferment.
  8. Bottle your brew.

What are the best apples to make cider with?

Most apples can be used in creating flavorful hard cider, but there are a few specific varieties that work best as cider apples. Galas, Gravensteins, Newtown Pippins, Rome Beauties and Winesaps are a few common varieties that can add amazing nuances and depth to hard cider.

Can I use windfall apples for juice?

While you might not want to use windfalls for juice that you intend to use in canning and store for a long while, or for making hard cider, you could use excess windfall apples to make a juice for your refrigerator. If you are anything like us, this fresh apple juice won’t last long in any case!

What is the best cider to cook with?

In general, it’s best to choose a medium-strength cider (around 6-7% ABV) for cooking as very alcoholic ciders can overpower your dish. Check the label to ensure the cider has a high fruit content and does not contain artificial flavourings.

Can you use crab apples for cider?

Crab apples, the original wild form of the tree, do not make good cider on their own, but can be added to other apples if you need extra tannin. It is said, not without reason, that to make cider you simply squeeze apple juice into a container, cover it and wait.

How many apples do I need for 5 gallons of cider?

In my experience, a decent yield is 100 lbs of apples to make 5 gallons.

Is cider the same as apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is actually fermented apple cider — it’s what happens if you let your cider go “bad.” It has an incredibly high acidic content, and is mainly used as a cooking ingredient, and not as a delicious autumnal beverage.

Do Gala apples make good cider?

What’s the best apple for cider? Cider; that soothing crisp drink best enjoyed in the Fall season, but also great to sip on year-round. For sweeter cider, try Gala, Fuji, Cortland, Golden Delicious, or Red Delicious varieties; for a more acidic, tart flavor, go with Pink Lady, Braeburn, Jonathan, or McIntosh.

Do you need special apples to make cider?

Introduction: How to Make Cider If you have access to a lot of free apples, you can easily make cider from them. Any apples will do, but they should be as ripe as possible. This instructable shows you a simple method that does not require any special equipment.

Can you leave fallen apples on the ground?

Even if you don’t want all the apples, don’t leave any on the tree over winter or any windfalls to rot on the ground. Rotting apples may result in canker or brown rot (Monilinia fruitigena) – a widespread fungal disease. The spores will overwinter in the fruit and re-infect the tree in spring.

Can you make cider from cooking apples?

While traditional apple cider was once made from specific types of apples cultivated solely for cider making, most types of cooking apples now can be made into delicious cider. Cooking apples are typically tarter, larger and firmer than apples meant for snacking. While most cooking apples can be eaten on their own, some varieties of cooking apple make better cider than others. Fresh apple cider is a sweet, natural autumn treasure that the whole family will enjoy.

What can I make with apple cider?

Apple juice and apple cider work equally well as the foundation for richer, homemade drinks, since you will be thickening and flavoring the mixture anyway. This applies to apple smoothies, apple iced teas, apple shakes, mulled apple cider or apple punch. In addition, you can use juice or cider to make apple-flavored butters or cheese spreads.

How do you make apple cider in crock pot?

Instructions Pour Apple Cider into 4 quart Crock Pot. Add Brown Sugar and Vanilla, and stir well. Tie up Cinnamon Sticks in small square of Cheesecloth , and add to Cider. Cover Crock Pot and cook on LOW for 3 hours. After 3 hours, remove Cinnamon Sticks and discard, then add Caramel Sauce to Cider. Stir well, and cook for 30 more minutes.

How do you make spicy apple cider?

Spiced hot apple cider Pour the cider or apple juice into a large saucepan. Add the spices. Heat gently, to simmering point. Stir occasionally to ensure it isn’t sticking. Add the sweetener, if using. Taste as you add it. Add the lemon juice and stir through. If using the apple brandy , add this as well. Slice the apples.