Can you give kids up for adoption Sims 3?

The second option for having a baby in the Sims 3 is to use the adoption service. Use your Sim’s cell phone to ‘call for services’, and select the Adoption service. A social worker will come to your Sim’s house shortly, where you’ll be given the option to choose the gender and age of the child you wish to adopt.

How do you do the legacy challenge on Sims 3?

In the Legacy Challenge, all traits are random. If you are given the option to pick traits for any sim, you must hit the random button and accept the trait that is randomly assigned. The only exception is if you are playing with the “Family Trait” optional rule.

Can you do the 100 baby challenge on Sims 3?

Let’s Play: The Sims 3 100 Baby Challenge is a series that first Jenn created on March 12, 2014. The basis of the challenge is to have 100 children with as many men as possible in as less generations as possible.

Where do I start the legacy challenge?

To start an “Extreme” Legacy Challenge you must move your founder onto one of the new 64 x 64 lots in Windenburg (after the lot on it has been demolished). This will leave you with $8000. Upon moving onto the lot, you must cheat your Sim’s money down to 0.

How do you disown a child in Sims 3?

charchin22 1

  1. Type in testingcheatsenabled true in the cheat box.
  2. Then get an adult to put the baby in a crib.
  3. Then do ctrl shift click on the crib the baby is in.
  4. 4.It should say object… click on that,then click delete object.

What is the legacy challenge in Sims?

You may have heard of The Legacy Challenge, a self-imposed set of rules and goals that challenges you to approach The Sims from a very different play style. You start the game with a single young adult Sim, move them into a gigantic and completely empty lot and strip them of most of their starting funds.

Is the 100 baby challenge possible?

What Is the 100 Baby Challenge? There is a lengthy list of rules that the creator of the challenge lists here, but in a nutshell, it is precisely what the name of it indicates: your Sim has to have 100 babies. Keep in mind, Sims don’t age when they are pregnant, so this is entirely possible.

Who made the 100 baby challenge?

The 100 Baby challenge was originally created for the Sims 2 by a player who goes by the name Amiisays and reworked for the Sims 4 by Snarky Witch, who posted the official rules on their Tumblr.

Can legacy challenge Sims have jobs?

You may use the new CAS story mode to make your founder, but you do not have to. This is purely up to individual preferences. You are allowed to follow Sims to their jobs if taking the new Doctor, Detective, or Scientist careers.

Can spouses have jobs legacy challenge?

You can change anything (except traits and aspirations) in CAS. You are allowed to use custom content of any kind, you are allowed to use the cheat to enter full CAS mode. This applies to anyone in the Legacy Challenge household, including your founder, spouses, heirs and spares.

What is the legacy challenge in the Sims 3?

The Legacy Challenge is a long, 10-generation challenge where you start out with a single founder and very humble beginnings and try to lead the family to fame, fortune and success over the course of 10 generations. Create a brand new game file. You will be using this file exclusively to play your Legacy Challenge.

Can You import Sims into your legacy neighborhood?

All other sims are fair game. You are allowed to create/download/import sims and families into your Legacy neighborhood, they just cannot join the family. No sims/families may ever be merged into the Legacy family. If you wish to add members, they must be done in game.

Are there supernaturals in the Sims legacy challenge?

Supernaturals are allowed in the Legacy Challenge, but keep in mind that several of them are quite long lived. If you do not want to deal with having a Sim in your household for several generations then you will want to keep that in mind when you move in a Supernatural.

Do you have to marry your sim in the legacy challenge?

Keep in mind that you don’t HAVE to ‘marry’ your sim’s spouse. A move-in request that eventually turns romantic is just as valid. One of the most reliable ways of getting cash in the early game is through careers. Advancing them not only nets you bonuses but higher base pay.