Can you charge KidiZoom camera?

Insert the Micro-USB Cable (small end) into the Micro-USB Port on the camera. Insert the large end of the Micro-USB Cable into a USB port on a computer. When the battery is charging, a red LED will light up and you will see the battery charging icon.

How do I delete all photos on VTech KidiZoom?

To delete all photos and movie files, press the Delete ButtON to view the Delete menu while viewing any photo or movie file, then press the Down CursOr ButtON to highlight the “Delete all files” command.

How do I reset my KidiZoom camera?

If the programs on your VTech Kidizoom Camera stop working, you can reset your camera in two different ways. Using the point of a paper clip, press in on the “Reset” button. If pressing the “Reset” button does not work, then you need to turn the camera off and remove the batteries.

How much does a VTech KidiZoom camera cost?

VTech KidiZoom Camera Pix, Pink

List Price: $39.99 Details
You Save: $3.14 (8%)

How do you charge a VTech Kidizoom action camera?

Connect the camera to a computer with the included micro-USB cable for battery recharging. Make sure the master power switch is turned on before recharging. Pull up the rubber cover of the micro-USB port at the side of the camera. Insert the micro-USB cable (small end) into the micro-USB port on the camera.

How do I transfer photos from my VTech Kidizoom camera?

Copy your photos or videos by dragging them from the Camera folder to your computer. the Voice Changer app can be found inside the folder labelled “SoundTouch”. (This folder is only available in the Internal storage – not on the microSD card.) Copy the files by dragging them onto your computer.

How do I clear the memory on my VTech camera?

Once the memory card is detected and can be used, the default memory will set as the memory card automatically. To remove the memory card from the slot, push the card once and it will eject.

How do you put music on a VTech Kidizoom camera?

open the folder labelled “Music”. Copy the MP3 files into this folder by dragging them over from your computer. If you want to save the files onto a microSD card, create a new folder called “Music” in the root of the microSD card. Click the “Download Now” button and save the file to your computer.

Why is my VTech camera not working?

Reset your VTech Kidizoom Camera. After leaving the batteries out of the camera for a few minutes, place the batteries back in the camera and hit the “Reset” button again with the paper clip. Turn the camera on. If the camera is still not working, replace all the batteries with brand new ones.

How do I set up my VTech camera?

Set up Wi-Fi connection and add camera – RM5762

  1. After the parent unit is fully charged, press and hold POWER until the VTech logo appears on screen to power on.
  2. Press or.
  3. Enter the password of the Wi-Fi network.
  4. After connecting the parent unit to your Wi-Fi network, the system will help you add your camera.

How do I connect my VTech camera to my phone?

After the parent unit is fully charged, press and hold POWER until the VTech logo appears on screen to power on.

  1. Press or.
  2. Enter the password of the Wi-Fi network.
  3. NOTE.
  4. Once your camera is located, the system will connect the camera via the same Wi-Fi network that your parent unit has connected to.