Can one register for NSSF online?

How do I apply for benefits? You can apply for benefits at the NSSF office closest to you. At present NSSF does not process benefit applications online.

What are the requirements for NSSF registration?

If you are in employment, all you need is to visit any NSSF Office closest to you with:

  • Your original National Identity Card (ID Card), Alien Card or Passport. and a copy of it.
  • An introduction letter from your employer (view sample)

How much is NSSF monthly?

Employees contributions range from 360 shillings to a maximum of 1080 shillings per month for the first year. Employers will also be contributing an equal amount as yours towards your future. Voluntary contributor: Your minimum monthly contributions are now 200 shillings 100 shillings.

How can I get NSSF certificate?

A company can also request for an NSSF Compliance Certificate, a document that shows a company has complied with all NSSF regulations. The Certificate is issued on request by writing a letter to NSSF. We have a draft template letter you can use.

Can I withdraw my NSSF money?

NSSF has digitized the claims process enabling its customers to make claims online. It is available to all members who qualify for the Age, Withdrawal, Invalidity, Emigration Grant and Exempted employment benefits as stated in Section 19 of the NSSF Act 1985,” Arimi said.

How do I check my NSSF registration?

How to check your NSSF number online

  1. Visit the nearest NSSF branch: NSSF has branches in every corner of the country.
  2. Explain your situation to one of the NSSF tellers: Tell him/her that you cannot access your account number information.
  3. Visit the NSSF Self Service Portal: Use the official address.

Can I apply for NSSF at Huduma Centre?

a) First visit any NSSF office branch in your locality or any Huduma centre. b) Approach the NSSF officer and fill in the application form. b) Click on the NSSF Member’s self-service section. c) Choose accordingly; depending on your employment status.

How much is NHIF registration fee?

Fees[edit] The application is free of charge. For members under the voluntary category, they pay Kshs. 500 per month (Kshs. 6000 per annum) as contributions.

How is NSSF benefit calculated?

NSSF contribution rates comprise a total of 12% of the employee’s entire pensionable salaries and wages. NSSF monthly rates are divided into two equal parts whereby the employer pays 6%, and the employee pays the remaining 6%.

Who qualifies for NSSF benefits?

Who is eligible to contribute to NSSF? Any employee of or above the age of sixteen and below the age of fifty-five years except an employee employed in excepted employment; a nonresident employee; and an employee not employed in Uganda.

How do I find my NSSF username and password?

  1. Once issued with a Pin Key from NSSF office, visit the NSSF Self Service portal.
  2. Navigate to the Member Self Service links or Employer Self service and click on the Recover forgotten/lost credentials member.
  3. Enter the Username : The username you have provided during your initial registration to this e-Service.

How can I download NSSF card?

Online application

  1. Visit the NSSF official web page.
  2. Click on the NSSF: Members section.
  3. Choose accordingly; depending on your employment status.
  4. Alternatively, you can also download the NSSF card forms from the website, fill them and submit at your nearest NSSF branch.