Can I host my subdomain on a different server?

Update A Record of Sub-domain and point it to another hosting: This one step is the most crucial part of hosting your sub-domain on another hosting account. You need to go to your domain registrar and add A record for your sub-domain to point it to your new server. I.P address will be of your new hosting sever I.P.

Can a subdomain point to a different IP address?

Subdomains can be modified as an A record that is pointing to an IP address. Or, they can be modified as a CNAME that is pointing to another domain name. This means that you can have your domain name hosted with us and your subdomain to a different provider, or you can have both under our campaign.

Can you transfer a subdomain?

In order to move a website from a subdomain into another, you would typically simply copy the files into a different folder. Depending on the software that you used, you may need to look to see what needs to be changed in order to change the subdomain where you have currently setup your website.

Does a subdomain need an A record?

Subdomains are a type of domain prefix, such as, that uses an A record to point to an IP address. To add a subdomain that points to a domain name, you’ll need to add a CNAME. You can watch a short animation of this task farther down the page.

How do I map a subdomain to an IP address?

In the panel that appears, enter your desired subdomain in the Name box, along with the IP address you wish the subdomain to point to. 6. Click the Add an A Record button to save your settings.

How do I turn a domain into a subdomain?

Let’s take a look at how to move a WordPress site from subdomain to root domain.

  1. Create a Complete Backup of Your Website.
  2. Moving Your WordPress Files From Subdomain to Root Folder.
  3. Change WordPress URL and Site URL Settings.
  4. Update URLs.
  5. Redirect All Subdomain Traffic to The Root Domain.

How do I move my website to a subdomain?

There are the following steps in this process:

  1. Backup your original website.
  2. Install a fresh WordPress on your (sub)domain where you want to have a copy of your original website.
  3. Install a All-in-One WP Migration plugin on your original website.
  4. Export a backup of your original website using this plugin.

Is WWW considered a subdomain?

What exactly is the “www?” Technically, it’s a subdomain traditionally used to indicate that a site is part of the web, as opposed to some other part of the Internet like Gopher or FTP.

How do I access a subdomain from an IP address?

You can get the associated IP address of a domain (or subdomain) with nslookup . Try nslookup vs. nslookup to see the difference. If firefox (or other browsers) you can either enter the hostname (e.g. or or the IP address (e.g. 11.22.

How do I change a subdomain to a main domain in WordPress?

How to move WordPress from subdomain to root domain

  1. Navigate to your WordPress root folder and download all files and folders to your local computer.
  2. Now, navigate to your domain root folder – this will be called public_html.
  3. Save the file and close the cPanel File Manager editor.

Can a subdomain be added to a different host?

Note: you need only add A Record from server A DNS (from either your domain registrar or previous host depending on whose name servers you are using) and point it to server B IP address. No need to add that same A record for subdomain on server B or the other host.

Can you create a new website with a subdomain?

However you can go to create a new site with the subdomain on the new server during this period of time, so when the DNS propogation finishes, you can browse your websites through the subdomain. The tips and instructions may apply to other web hosting services as well, like Justhost, Arvixe hosting, DiscountASP, iPage, DreamHost.

How to add subdommain as a top level domain?

You can simply add the subdommain as a top-level domain (TLD). Go to cPanel >> Domains >> Addon Domains. See below screenshot.

What does it mean to have a subdomain?

Confused? A subdomain refers to a domain that is part of a bigger domain and part of the Domain Name System hierarchy. The use of subdomains is seen as a way to create even more memorable web addresses for unique/ specific content within your website.