Can I delete the Hiberfil sys file?

Although hiberfil. sys is a hidden and protected system file, you can safely delete it if you don’t want to use the power-saving options in Windows. That’s because the hibernation file has no effect on the general functions of the operating system. Windows will then automatically delete hiberfil.

How do I reduce the Hiberfil sys file size?

Change the size of hiberfil. sys in Windows 10

  1. Open Command Prompt as administrator.
  2. Type the following command-
  3. powercfg /hibernate /size
  4. Hit Enter.

Can I delete Hiberfil sys Windows 10?

So, the answer is, Yes, you can safely delete Hiberfil. sys, but only if you disable the Hibernate function in Windows 10.

How do I manually delete Hiberfil sys?

First, head to Control Panel > Power Options. In the Power Options properties window, switch to the “Hibernate” tab and disable the “Enable hibernation” option. After you disable hibernate mode, restart your PC, and then you’ll need to manually delete the hiberfil. sys file.

How big should Hiberfil sys be?

The default size of hiberfil. sys is approximately 40% of physical memory on the system. If you want to disable hibernate mode without turning off Fast Startup, you can reduce the size of the hibernation file (hiberfil. sys) to about 20% of your RAM in Windows 10.

Is it safe to delete Hiberfil sys and pagefile sys?

You should NOT delete this file, at least while the system is running. You can control the existence and size of the pagefile, at least in XP: System Properties->Advanced->Performance/Settings->Advanced/Change. hiberfil. sys can safely be deleted, but this will make hibernation unavailable.

Is Hiberfil sys needed?

sys is and why you might need it. If you find a suspiciously large file on your hard drive, going by the name of hiberfil. This file is something that Windows uses to help your PC wake from hibernation. That being said, if you don’t employ that feature, then the hiberfil.

What does Hiberfil sys do?

sys is a file that the Microsoft Windows operating system creates when the computer goes into hibernate mode. This file stores the state that the PC was in just before hibernate mode was activated, in the hard drive, by the user. sys can be used to regain the previous state. …

Why is pagefile sys so big?

sys files can take up a serious amount of space. This file is where your virtual memory resides. This is disk space that subs in for main system RAM when you run out of that: real memory is temporarily backed up to your hard disk.

Why is Hiberfil so big?

Hiberfil. sys, as the name suggests, is the file to which Windows saves the snap shot data. Thus, the file is always equal in size to the total amount of available RAM on the computer (see Figure A). On a computer with plenty of free disk space having such a large file just hanging around usually isn’t a problem.

What happens if we delete Hiberfil sys?

When you delete hiberfil. sys from your computer, you will completely disable Hibernate and make this space available.

How to get rid of the hiberfil.sys files?

How to Delete hiberfil.sys File in Windows 10 Step (1): Press Windows + X keys together and then click on the Command Prompt (Admin) option to open the command prompt as administrator. Step (2): In the command prompt window, type powercfg -h off and hit the Enter key. Step (3): After the command execution, close the command prompt and then restart your PC.

How to get rid of file named hiberfile.sys?

How to Delete Hiberfil.sys in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista? Type in Command Prompt in the search box and then right click the best-matched result to Run as administrator. In Command Prompt, enter the command powercfg.exe /hibernate off and then press Enter key to turn off the hibernate mode. Exit Command Prompt. Go to File Explorer > Local Disk drive C and you will find there is no hiberfil.sys file.

Is it safe to delete hiberfil.sys?

hiberfil.sys can safely be deleted, but this will make hibernation unavailable. Windows does not create the file by itself when used, nor is it deleted afterwards. That wouldn’t really help anyway, the free space gained cannot be used, or the OS will not have enough storage for hibernation.

Can I delete hibernation file?

As far as we can concern, the only need to delete hibernation file is to save disk space. If your hard drive is small, and the hibernation files take too much disk space from the C drive, disabling hibernation file makes sense. But if your hard drive has plenty of disk space, there is no need to disable hibernation.