Are there any Michelin star restaurants in Korea?

Today, Michelin continues its international dining guide rollout with Seoul, South Korea. Seoul’s two three-star restaurants Gaon and La Yeon maintain their status for the fifth year running, while the city’s two-star restaurant count holds steady at seven.

Are there any Michelin star restaurants in Greece?

Michelin 2020 winners in Greece Spondi leads in pole position with two stars, Hytra, Botrini’s and Varoulko Seaside retaining their single stars. The only exception has been Funky Gourmet, who have closed to relocate to their new location at the Hilton later this year, and will hopefully make it into the next edition.

How many 3 Michelin star restaurants are there in Spain?

eleven restaurants
There are 18 Michelin stars. What’s more, of Spain’s eleven restaurants with three Michelin stars, three are locates in San Sebastián and the sourrounding area: Arzak, Akelarre and Martín Berasategui.

How many Michelin star restaurants are there in UAE?

11 Michelin star restaurants
However, thanks to patrons, master chefs, and celebrities, the Michelin trend became common – so much so that there are 11 Michelin star restaurants in Dubai.

What restaurant has most Michelin stars?

Of his numerous outposts across the globe, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée and Le Louis XV tend to be the most well-known – and the most awarded, with each boasting the maximum three Michelin stars.

What is the highest rated Michelin star restaurant?

The 11 top Michelin star restaurants of 2021

Rank Restaurant Location
1 Central Lima, Peru
2 Bon-Bon Brussels, Belgium
3 Atelier Crenn San Francisco, United States
4 Le Bernardin New York, United States

Why are there no Michelin stars in Dubai?

Technically, there are no Michelin star restaurants in Dubai because Michelin does not currently offer a guide to the city. However, there are plenty of restaurants in Dubai which are owned by chefs who have been awarded Michelin stars for restaurants they operate in other countries.