Why did Stampylongnose lose his channel?

On 2nd December 2013, Garrett received an email from Google that outlined that he had breached YouTube community guidelines, and thus his channel had been terminated.

What happened to Lee Bear stampy?

He first appeared in the episode, The Friendly Creeper, where he was first seen following Stampy. Lee’s role was drastically changed when he became Stampy’s main helper, assisting in the majority of Stampy’s builds at the time. His last appearance in Stampy’s Lovely World (and the channel) was in the episode, Bye Bear.

Why did stampy stop playing with squid?

He said that he cannot go back to playing it due to his original account being hacked and most of his old worlds are on that account. Recently, Squid apologized to everyone of the inactivity of Crazy Craft due to the company accidentally deleted the server.

Did stampylonghead used to be called Stampylongnose?

History. The channel was named after “stampylonghead”, a character he created in one of his projects. He did not had an idea why he named it to “stampylongnose” instead. The “stampylonghead” name was later used as the name of his then-side channel.

When was the Stampylonghead vlog channel created?

His Stampylonghead channel was originally created on July 29, 2011, as a side-channel for his vlogs and console gameplay.

How many subscribers does Stampylonghead have on YouTube?

Stampylonghead is currently one of the most subscribed Minecraft YouTubers. In 2014, his channel reached 3 million subscribers, with an additional 1.8 million added in 2015. Currently, he has over 9 million subscribers. In 2012, Stampylonghead was one of the top 10 trending YouTube channels.

Who is Stampy from the Minecraft YouTube channel?

Joseph Garrett (born: December 13, 1990 [age 28] ), better known online as Stampylonghead, Stampylongnose, or just Stampy, is a popular British Minecraft YouTuber who primarily creates Minecraft Let’s Play videos directed toward a younger audience. His original channel is stampylongnose, however, since 2012 he has been uploading content…

Who is the guy on Stampy’s old Lovely World videos?

If you watch Stampy’s old Lovely World videos, you probably know him by now. In real life, he is Lee Carson, part of Stampy’s close entourage of friends. You may notice though that on some of the Stampylonghead videos where Lee is on, there is a disclaimer on the description that says the Leebear character on that video is not played by Lee Carson.