Why did Pistons draft Darko?

Detroit Pistons (2003–2006) Unlike most teams with high draft choices, the Pistons were a good team that had made the Eastern Conference Finals the season before they drafted Miličić. The Pistons held the second overall draft pick because of a 1997 trade that had sent Otis Thorpe to the Vancouver Grizzlies.

Does Darko Milicic have a ring?

Darko’s rookie season with the Pistons Instead, they chose Milicic with the second overall pick. Milicic saw limited action in his first year with the Pistons, but he did get a ring out of it.

Who picked Darko Milicic?

The Pistons infamously picked Darko Milicic over Carmelo Anthony with the No. 2 pick in the 2003 NBA Draft.

Who did the Pistons draft in 2003?

Darko Milicic
The 2003 NBA Draft is one of the greatest in history, with LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and other eventual stars selected early on. And then there was the No. 2 pick, where the Detroit Pistons selected infamous bust Darko Milicic.

Who is the youngest NBA player?

The youngest players ever drafted

  • Andrew Bynum: 17 years and 249 days.
  • Jermaine O’Neal: 17 years and 261 days.
  • Kobe Bryant: 17 years and 312 days.
  • Darko Milicic: 18 years and 1 day.
  • Bill Willoughby: 18 years and 13 days.
  • Tracy McGrady: 18 years and 37 days.
  • Ersan Ilyasova: 18 years and 49 days.

Who was picked after LeBron James?

Draft selections

Round Pick Player
1 1 LeBron James*~
1 2 Darko Miličić
1 3 Carmelo Anthony*
1 4 Chris Bosh^

What does Darko Milicic do now?

Darko Milicic, Now An Apple Farmer In Serbia, Responds To Carmelo Anthony And Dwyane Wade Clowning Him For Being A Bust – BroBible.

Who went number 1 in the 2003 NBA draft?

LeBron James’
1 overall pick. LeBron James’ career as a Cavalier officially started Thursday night as the overall No. 1 pick….

Team Player
1. Cleveland LeBron James
2. Detroit (from Memphis) Darko Milicic
3. Denver Carmelo Anthony
4. Toronto Chris Bosh