Why did Fastway Couriers change name?

Fastway Couriers is rebranding as Aramex across Australia and New Zealand. “The rebranding represents a powerful opportunity for our local franchise operators, and for the many Australian businesses looking to capitalise on global trends in online retail.” …

What is the new name for Fastway Couriers?

Fastway Couriers, one of New Zealand’s oldest courier businesses, is adopting the brand name of its international parent company Aramex.

Why did fastway become Aramex?

The company was acquired by Aramex in 2016. Aramex is in the top five of transport and logistics players globally. As part of the acquisition by Aramex, Fastway is in the transition of rebranding to Aramex in select regions such as Australia and New Zealand….Fastway Couriers.

Industry Courier
Website www.fastway.org/

What is the latest time Fastway Couriers deliver until?

Fastway deliver between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Who took Fastway Couriers?

In 2016, we joined the Aramex family and in 2019 we officially made the transition from Fastway Couriers to Aramex Australia. Whilst we have retained our local franchise model, we now have a spectrum of new international opportunities available to support our customers in taking their products to the world.

Is Australia post a fastway?

The parent company of Fastway Couriers Australia/NZ will form a joint-venture with Australia Post to target the global e-commerce marketplace. According to Logistic Business Review, Australia Post will handle the last mile delivery services in Australia for parcel volumes generated by the JV.

Who owns Aramex?

Australia Post
Australia Post has secured full ownership of Aramex Global Solutions (AGS), which provides end-to-end cross-border logistics solutions to a portfolio of iconic global eCommerce merchants.

Who did Aramex used to be?

In 1993 Fastway began operating in Australia and over 20 years later Fastway became part of the Aramex family, a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Who is Aramex owned by?

Australia Post acquired a stake in Aramex in 2016, also forming a strategic alliance with the Dubai-based global parcel and logistics firm, targeting the global e-commerce market, with a particular focus on Asia.

What happens if I miss my Fastway delivery?

Fastway Couriers – How do I arrange a redelivery? If you have missed your parcel delivery, we will attempt to deliver it again the next day. In some cases where a signature is not required when receiving the parcel, it will be left in a safe delivery location which will be advised on the calling card.

Does Fastway deliver Sunday?

We offer a next day delivery service within Ireland. You parcel is picked up and then sent to the delivery area overnight for delivery the next business day – excluding weekends and bank holidays.

What happens if I miss my fastway delivery?

Where are Fastway Couriers located in South Africa?

Fastway Couriers currently operates across key metropolitan and regional locations across South Africa, offering a low cost and fast courier delivery service. Franchise opportunities also available. Fastway Couriers | Home

What kind of service does Fastway Express deliver?

Express Delivery Service International express deliveries; global freight forwarding by air, sea, road and rail; warehousing solutions from packaging, to repairs, to storage; mail deliveries worldwide; and other customized logistic services Over 11k Happy Customers Monthly

Which is the best courier service to use?

Fastway Courier & Diplomatic Service is tailored to give you the best courier experience. Customer satisfaction is our primary objective. Join over 30,000 customers experience the true definiton of Courier Service. Fastway Courier & Diplomatic Service

How to track a parcel at Fastway depot?

Fastway depot FAQs Track your parcel Check the location of your parcel. Enter label number or calling card number. Track Track another parcel|Print loading… Learn more about Mailman customers For deliveries into regional areas, ‘signature obtained’ delivery trace may be referring to receipt by our on-forwarder and not final destination.