Why am I not getting pregnant after tubal reversal?

If you got pregnant easily before your tubes were tied, you will probably get pregnant easily if you have a tubal reversal. If you do not get pregnant after tubal ligation reversal, chances are very high that your tubes will be wide open and not the reason you are not getting pregnant.

Is Tubal Reversal painful?

The pain that patients feel after pelvic surgery is usually incisional pain; tubal ligation reversals are no different. The smaller the incision, the less the pain and the sooner you feel like going back to work.

How much does a tubal reversal surgery cost?

Tubal Reversal Cost. The cost of surgery and anesthesia fee is $2,000 payable to The Jackson Clinic; the cost of the hospital fee is $3,400 payable to the Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, for a total of $5,400. This does not include travel costs, lodging, or your prescription pain medication.

What is the phone number for a tubal reversal?

Prior to surgery, all correspondence will be in the form of letters. If you have any special concerns, the hotline number is (731) 660-8300. You can read comments from patients that have become pregnant following a tubal reversal procedure.

Who is the best doctor for tubal ligation reversal?

UI Health in Chicago has one of the leading experts on our staff. Dr. Humberto “Bert” Scoccia, director of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility, has decades of experience performing tubal microreanastomosis (reversal). Who Can Have Tubal Ligation Reversal?

How does the Jackson clinic work for tubal ligation?

When you pay the deposit and your surgery is scheduled, an account will be opened for you at The Jackson Clinic and you will receive a written receipt. The overall fee is as inexpensive as possible and is maintained at this level in order to allow as many patients as are interested to reverse their tubal ligation.