Who won 4 medals in 2018 Olympics?

Swedish cross-country skier Charlotte Kalla finished with four medals (one gold, three silver), as did her compatriot and fellow cross-country skier Stina Nilsson (one gold, two silvers, one bronze) and Russian cross-country skier Alexander Bolshunov (three silver, one bronze) who was competing for the Olympic Athletes …

Who won most medals in 2018 Olympics?

More than 90 nations competed for gold across 15 events in PyeongChang, South Korea. Norway came out on top with the most medals and tied with Germany for most golds. The United States came in fourth with only 23 medals, its lowest in 20 years….Full results.

Total 39

Who won last Olympics 2018?

Winner: Norway It didn’t take long for Norway to assert its dominance in Pyeongchang, as it earned four medals on each of the first two podium days of the Games, including a clean sweep in the men’s 30-kilometer skiathlon. From there, it cruised to unofficial victory with 39 total medals.

Who won most medals in Olympics 2019?

Russia led the medal table of the 2nd European Games. They led all the medal categories, winning the most gold medals (44, nearly 25 % of total gold medals), the most silver medals (24), the most bronze medals (41) and the most medals overall (109).

Which country has won the most gold medals in a single Winter Olympics?

Norway is the most successful nation of all time at the Winter Olympic Games, having amassed a total of 368 medals since the first Winter Olympics in 1924 – this tally includes 132 gold medals, 125 silver, and 111 bronze.

Which country won the last Olympics?

Host country Brazil won seven gold medals, their most at any single Summer Olympics…

Who is the most successful Winter Olympian?

Marit Bjørgen
List of multiple Winter Olympic medalists

Rank Athlete Nation
1 Marit Bjørgen Norway
2 Ole Einar Bjørndalen Norway
3 Bjørn Dæhlie Norway
4 Ireen Wüst Netherlands

Who won overall Olympics 2016?

United States
Rio 2016 Olympics Medal Table

United States 46 38
Great Britain 27 17
China 26 26
Russian Federation 19 19

What was fourth place at the Winter Olympics?

“Fourth place is good,” Niskanen said later. “The Norwegian girls were really good today.” The three Norwegian leaders were comfortable in front, creating nearly a minute of separation between third and fourth place. A critical moment for Niskanen was when she decided to change skis during the race, something the Norwegian athletes did not do.

Where are the Winter Olympics being held in 2018?

The Alpensia Sports Park in Daegwallyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang, was the focus of the 2018 Winter Olympics. It was home to the Olympic Stadium, the Olympic Village and most of the outdoor sports venues. Additionally, a stand-alone outdoor sports venue was located in Bongpyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang:

Which is the country with the most gold medals in the Winter Olympics?

Germany and Norway were tied for the highest number of gold medals, both winning 14. Host nation South Korea won 17 medals, their highest medal haul at a Winter Olympics, five of which were gold.

When was Pyeongchang ready for the Winter Olympics?

The IOC Coordination Commission for the 2018 Winter Olympics made their first visit to Pyeongchang in March 2012. By then, construction was already underway on the Olympic Village. In June 2012, construction began on a high-speed rail line that would connect Pyeongchang to Seoul.