Who was supposed to fight Badr Hari in May?

Hari’s Showtime title was again on the line against his former Chakuriki fellow Hesdy Gerges in Amsterdam in May. Before the match, he claimed in a press interview that his opponent at the event was originally planned to be Bonjasky, who refused to fight Hari, stating Bonjasky was afraid to lose.

Where did Badr Hari come from in kickboxing?

Badr Hari’s story is one of rags to riches. Born on December 8, 1984 in Amsterdam, Netherlands to parents originally from the city of Kenitra, Morocco, his heart and determination took him from the streets of Amsterdam to the bright lights of Tokyo, Japan and beyond. On that journey, Badr has faced the toughest heavyweight kickboxers in the world.

When did Badr Hari get disqualified from it’s Showtime?

The It’s Showtime 2010 Amsterdam event took place at the Amsterdam Arena in May 2010. Hari was disqualified after kicking Gerges in the face while he was standing up, and did not speak in the ring after Gerges was announced the winner and became the new “Its Showtime” Heavyweight champion.

What did Badr Hari lose to Alistair Overeem?

While there were many rumours of his and his opponent’s participation, it was finally announced that Hari would face MMA Heavyweight Alistair Overeem in a K-1 rules match on K-1’s New Year’s Eve extravaganza Dynamite!! 2008. Hari lost the fight by a left hook KO at 2:02 in the first round.

How old was Badr Hari when he started kickboxing?

Badr Hari born and raised in Amsterdam the Netherlands, began practicing kickboxing at the age of seven, under the guidance of former World Champion Mousid Akamrane. As a teenager he trained at the Sitan Gym of Mohammed Aït Hassou.

Why was Badr Hari arrested in Marrakech Morocco?

Badr Hari, 31, is said to have been held after touching down in the Moroccan city of Casablanca after a trip to Brussels. Local reports said he had been released after paying 5,000 dirham (£356) bail. The arrest is thought to be connected to an incident last month at a luxury hotel in Marrakech.