Who is the singer of La Loba Negra?

Francisco Feliciano
La Loba Negra (The Black She-wolf) is an opera in 3 acts by Francisco Feliciano with libretto by Fides Cuyugan-Asensio….

La Loba Negra
Premiere 16 August 1984 Cultural Center of the Philippines Main Theater, Manila

What is the expression of La Loba Negra?

The meaning of la loba negra is: “The Black She-Wolf”.

Who disguised as La Loba Negra?

Doña Luisa, now disguised as La Loba Negra (The Black She-Wolf), commences her revenge during the elaborate ceremonies of Palm Sunday. And together with her sexually- abused daughter, methodically slays the friars she encounters. She killed over 200 priests in a span of two years.

What is the conflict of La Loba Negra?

During the World War II, a novel entitled “La Loba Negra”, written by Father Jose Burgos came out. It was about the governor’s widow who transforms into a wolf at night to retaliate the culprit behind his husband’s death.

What themes do you see in the story La Loba Negra?

It revolves around the tragic assassination of Spanish Governor-General Bustamante. His administration was greatly admired for his planned reforms in the colonial administration. It also focused on the bitter reaction and planned vendetta (revenge) by his wife Doña Luisa (La Loba Negra) on the religious perpetrators.

Who was the first Filipino opera conductor?

Ladislao Bonus
Ladislao Bonus was a composer, conductor, contrabass player, and teacher. His pioneering work on musical drama earned him the title of “Father of the Filipino opera”.

What does Loba mean?

La Loba. Literally, she-wolf. However, La Loba (when capitalized) is the name of a mythical woman from the Pueblo people. The myth has been popularized by Clarissa Pinkola Estés in her book Women Who Run With the Wolves.

What does libretto mean in music?

Libretto, (Italian: “booklet”) plural librettos or libretti, text of an opera, operetta, or other kind of musical theatre. It is also used, less commonly, for a musical work not intended for the stage.

Who was the first Filipino conductor?

Bonifacio Abdon – composer and first Filipino conductor 2. Jose Burgos.

What is the first Filipino opera?

Noli Me Tangere
Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not) is an opera in 3 acts by Felipe Padilla de León with libretto by Guillermo Tolentino. The opera was closely based on a novel by José Rizal by the same name. The opera was sung entirely in Tagalog and is considered as the first full-length Filipino opera.

What is the moral lesson of the opera La Loba Negra?

The moral lesson of la loba negra are: to show nationalistic side of the Filipinos. to have kindness to others. to become patriotic to the country.

Where was the first Filipino opera staged?

Teatro Zorilla
First performed at the famed Teatro Zorilla on August 2, 1902, the opera was staged by the renowned Molina-Benito Company. Overwhelmingly successful, it was performed successively for more than a week with Governor William H.