Who is the best WoW arena player of all time?

World of Warcraft: The Top 8 PvP Players In WoW History

  • 8 Swifty.
  • 7 Mute.
  • 6 Drakedog.
  • 5 Hydra.
  • 4 Angwe.
  • 3 Reckful.
  • 2 Vurtne.
  • 1 Pat PvP.

Who is the best player of World of Warcraft?

Top Player Rankings For World of WarCraft

Player ID Player Name
1. Swapxy Rene Pinkera
2. Fabss Fabio Nardelli
3. Snutz Kelvin Nguyen
4. Boetar Simon Merlin Heinks

Why did Swifty get Cancelled?

As you might have heard, Razer WoW gamer Swifty, along with numerous other players, were banned due to server disruption violations during one of Swifty’s live streams that crashed a server. His own YouTube video response to his ban acknowledges between 4,000 and 5,000 people were watching his livestream.

Who was the first WoW player?

The first level 60 player was Xenif, a troll Rogue who got to level 60 on Dec. 3, 2004 in the Vanilla version of WoW. After him, Jokerd reached level 60 on Aug.

How many active WoW players are there?

26 million players
World of Warcraft currently has about 26 million players.

Does Vurtne still play WoW?

Vurtne quit WoW after the Ulduar patch hit. He transferred his character to another server, which has hasn’t touched since then. The character still shows up as a level 80 mage.

What is Swiftys real name?

John Pyle

Real name John Pyle
Website http://www.swiftyswebsite.com/
Age 39
Gender Male

Who is Swifty and what is his bio?

John “Swifty” Pyle is a YouTube gaming and Twitch streamer phenomenon. He was born on April 8, 1980, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. John has a sister named Cathy. Pyle was a pro skater until a motorcycle accident left him no longer able to compete professionally. After his motorcycle accident, John became an avid PC gamer and WoW player.

Why was Swifty banned from World of Warcraft?

On June 3, 2011, he started his second YouTube channel, titled ”swiftyirl.” This channel has over 234,000 subscribers. In 2011, Pyle, along with numerous other players, was banned due to server disruption violations during one of John’s live streams, which crashed a WoW server.

Who is the most famous World of Warcraft player?

In the game, his character was Epheonix, and he played World of Warcraft on the Norgannon server in 2008. Ezra was a brain cancer patient, and through the Make a Wish Foundation, he created a character and a quest in the game that he loved.

How much money does Swifty make a year?

Moreover, he is sponsored by Razer USD Ltd and sells merchandise (especially T-shirts). Therefore, Swifty has an estimated net worth of $0.9 million.