Who is Gamache in Don Quixote?

Roles and original cast

Role Moscow 1869 St Petersburg 1902
Sancho Panza Vassily Geltser Enrico Cecchetti
Kitri Anna Sobeshchanskaya Mathilde Kschessinska
Basilio Sergei Sokolov Nikolai Legat
Gamache Dmitri Kuznetsov Pavel Gerdt

Who is Dulcinea in Don Quixote ballet?

Dulcinea, in full Dulcinea del Toboso, fictional character in the two-part picaresque novel Don Quixote (Part I, 1605; Part II, 1615) by Miguel de Cervantes. Aldonza Lorenzo, a sturdy Spanish peasant girl, is renamed Dulcinea by the crazed knight-errant Don Quixote when he selects her to be his lady.

What is Kitri ballet about?

She’s the feisty and wilful heroine of the ballet Don Quixote. When her father Lorenzo tries to marry her off for money, she doesn’t play the victim, but hatches a plan to marry Basilio, the charming barber who has won her heart, and pursue her own version of happiness.

Is Don Quixote a classical ballet?

Classical Ballet Ludwig Minkus “Don Quixote” (Ballet in 3 acts) “Don Quixote” is one of Marius Petipa’s much-loved 19th-century classics – its story is drawn from Miguel de Cervantes’s classic novel and set to Ludwig Minkus’s score. Don Quixote is one of the most life-affirming, colourful and festive ballets.

What is Don Quixote’s real name?

Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish novelist, playwright, and poet, the creator of Don Quixote……

Is Don Quixote worth reading?

Don Quixote, the tale of a Spanish knight driven mad by reading too many chivalric romances, was yesterday voted the best book of all time in a survey of around 100 of the world’s best authors. “Don Quixote has the most wonderful and elaborated story, yet it is simple.”

Who married Kitri?

In Act III, Kitri finally marries Basilio, her longtime love, choosing him over the wealthy nobleman Gamache and the chivalrous Don Quixote. Be sure to look for her famous “32 fouettes” (the signature step of any ballerina) at the end of the ballet! Basilio – The town barber, he’s rich with charm, but not with money.

What mental illness did Don Quixote have?

Apparently, Quixote also possesses a paranoid personality disorder, evidenced by his eccentric, odd behavior. He exhibits all of the classical signs-from his suspicions of others to his inability to take the blame for his actions.

What is a ballet solo called?

In ballet, a variation (sometimes referred to as a pas seul, meaning to dance alone) is a solo dance. In a classical grand pas de deux, the ballerina and danseur each perform a variation.

Why did Don Quixote go crazy?

It is a book about books, reading, writing, idealism vs. materialism, life … and death. Don Quixote is mad. “His brain’s dried up” due to his reading, and he is unable to separate reality from fiction, a trait that was appreciated at the time as funny.

Who is Basilio Don Quixote?

Basilio – The town barber, he’s rich with charm, but not with money. Basilio captures Kitri’s heart with his dashing ways and witty personality.

What did Rudolf Nureyev dance in Don Quixote?

Rudolf Nureyev was especially fond of the virtuoso role of Basil, a picturesque character, cocky and good-humoured, which was a change for him from the parts he danced in the repertoire as romantic princes or in dramatic, contemporary ballets. Basil allowed him to express all his humour, his vivacity and his joy.

Who is the choreographer of Don Quixote ballet?

Don Quixote – Nureyev’s Choreography. Ballet in three acts with prologue – Based on several scenes taken from the novel by Miguel de Cervantes – Music : Ludwig Minkus – Chorography : Ruldof Nureyev after Marius Petipa.

Who was Lucette Aldous in Don Quixote?

Brooding was Nureyev’s brand, but the role of the cheeky barber Basilio allows him to explore his comedic talents. Lucette Aldous was a New Zealander who danced with several European companies, including the Royal Ballet.

Who was the ugly sister in Don Quixote?

Ray was the first to appear as an ‘Ugly Sister’ in the Royal Ballet’s fan-favourite Cinderella, and of course, was the original Sancho Panza in Nureyev’s Don Quixote! Where do I know him from? Where don’t you know Nureyev from?