Who funds the Ford Foundation?

Created in 1936 by Edsel Ford and his father Henry Ford, it was originally funded by a US$25,000 gift from Edsel Ford. By 1947, after the death of the two founders, the foundation owned 90% of the non-voting shares of the Ford Motor Company. (The Ford family retained the voting shares.)

Is the Ford Foundation part of Ford Motors?

The Ford Foundation is not connected to the Ford Motor Company. The Ford Foundation and Ford Motor Company are two separate and legally unrelated entities whose operations are completely independent and have been for more than 50 years.

Where does Ford Foundation get their money?

The Ford Foundation was originally funded by bequests of Ford Motor Company stock from the estates of Henry and Edsel Ford.

Who is the Ford Foundation president?

Darren Walker
Ford Foundation/Presidents

Did Henry Ford give charity?

Through it all, he maintained a highly idiosyncratic style of charitable giving. He distrusted organized charities, although he created a few himself. Despite his misgivings, Ford seems to have dedicated about one-third of his income to philanthropy. Henry Ford was born on a Michigan farm in July 1863.

What does Ford do for the community?

Since 1949, the Ford Motor Company Fund (Ford Fund) has partnered with nonprofit organizations and Ford dealers, providing opportunities and resources in programs that support education, promote safe driving, enrich community life and encourage employee volunteering.

Where is the Ford Foundation headquarters?

New York, NY
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How do I get a grant?

How to Start a Grant Program from Scratch

  1. Choose your focus and mission.
  2. Determine whether you need to set up a foundation.
  3. Consult with legal and tax professionals.
  4. Assemble a Board of Directors.
  5. Determine grant funding details.
  6. Write a business plan.
  7. Write a marketing plan.
  8. Establish the grant’s terms.

Who started the Ford Foundation?

Henry Ford
Edsel Ford
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In 1936, Edsel Ford—son of Henry, the founder of the Ford Motor Company—established the Ford Foundation with an initial gift of $25,000. During its early years, the foundation operated in Michigan under the leadership of Ford family members.

How many employees does the Ford Foundation have?

706 Employees
Employee Data Ford Foundation has 706 Employees.

Who was the founder of the Ford Foundation?

The foundation was established January 15, 1936, in Michigan by Edsel Ford (president of the Ford Motor Company) and two other executives “to receive and administer funds for scientific, educational and charitable purposes, all for the public welfare.”.

Where is the Ford Foundation in New York?

The Ford Foundation is located in New York City at the Center for Social Justice—a hub for social good and the courageous people who devote their lives to achieving it.

Who is the critic of the Ford Foundation?

American author, conservative philosopher, and critic of feminism Christina Hoff Sommers, criticized The Ford Foundation in her book The War Against Boys (1994) as well as other institutions in education and government. Sommers alleged that the Ford Foundation funded feminist ideologies that marginalize boys and men.

What are the five areas of action of the Ford Foundation?

In the 1950 Report of the Study of the Ford Foundation on Policy and Program, the trustees set forth five “areas of action,” according to Richard Magat (2012): economic improvements, education, freedom and democracy, human behavior, and world peace. These areas of action were identified in a 1949 report by Horace Rowan Gaither.