Who did Eric Mun marry?

Hye-mi Nam. 2017
Eric Mun/Spouse
In February 2017 Eric and actress Na Hye-mi confirmed their relationship after it was reported in the news. The couple got married on July 1, 2017 at Youngnak Church in Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea after five years of dating.

Who is Eric Mun’s wife?

Eric Mun/Wife

How old is Eric Mun?

42 years (February 16, 1979)
Eric Mun/Age

Is Eric Mun a chef?

Moon Seung-mo (Eric Mun) is a popular star chef and the only son of the 80-year-old traditional Korean ‘Pungcheonok’ pork soup restaurant. He is also responsible for creating the fine Korean cuisine dining boom through pop-up restaurants. He loves to cook with organic ingredients while the current culinary environment …

Is anyone in shinhwa married?

Junjin is officially married! The Shinhwa member married his non-celebrity girlfriend of three years at a venue in Seoul on September 27 KST. The ceremony comes four months after Junjin went public with his engagement in May.

How tall is Eric Mun?

5′ 11″
Eric Mun/Height

Why did shinhwa leave SM?

When Shinhwa’s contract with SM expired after five years, SM decided to not re-sign all six members. Wanting to stay together, they left SM and signed with Good Entertainment. This was the start of a long battle for the rights to their name, one which was only resolved in 2015.

Is shinhwa still together?

Shinhwa debuted way back in May of 1998, with the members: Eric, Andy, Minwoo, Junjin, Dongwan, and Hyesung. Unfortunately, they have not released anything new lately. The group has still not disbanded, which makes them the longest group to have ever been joined in K-pop.

What is the oldest K-pop group?

9. H.O.T. Although many groups came before them, H.O.T. is largely credited with being the first modern K-pop idol group.

Is God K-pop still active?

As one of the best-selling artists in South Korea prior to the digital era, they are one of the few idol groups to have more than one album become a “million seller”….

Genres K-pop R&B
Years active 1999–2005 2014–present
Labels SidusHQ JYP Entertainment CJ E&M Kakao M Synnara Records
Associated acts JYP Nation

What is the longest a K-pop group has been together?